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Garmin brings out two new smartwatches - the Fenix 7 and Epix - with new Real-Time Stamina feature

Real-Time Stamina is said to “learn from you”, giving you a live estimate of how you’re exerting energy during a ride for better judging your effort

Garmin has updated its flagship Fenix lineup of rugged multisport smartwatches with the 7 series, as well as introducing the new Epix everyday smartwatch, both with Garmin’s new Real-Time Stamina feature.

The 7 Series gives users the choice between touchscreen and buttons, so you have full control when needed, and you can enjoy more time for adventure between charges with the Fenix 7 boasting up to 263 hours in max battery mode and up to 41 days in smartwatch mode​ thanks to its solar capability. 

2022 Garmin fenix7X-SapphireSolar_HR_6002.24

Garmin has also introduced its new Real-Time Stamina feature to the Fenix. “Real-Time Stamina learns from you, giving you a live estimate of how you’re exerting energy during a ride, so you can push harder knowing you’ll cross the finish line with nothing left in the tank,” Garmin explains.

With an AMOLED display that can be controlled by both touchscreen and buttons, Epix is Garmin’s everyday smartwatch packed with activity tracking (including indoor and outdoor cycling), mapping, wellness and smart features, while still boasting up to 16 days of battery life which the brand claims is the best in class for an AMOLED smartwatch. Epix also comes with Real-Time Stamina.

2022 Garmin epix2_HR_4000.19

These two new models are the third and fourth smartwatch arrivals from Garmin so far this year. 

Garmin kicked off 2022 by releasing the Venu 2 Plus, closing the gap somewhat to the likes of the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, while the Vivomove Sport brings the stylish daily activity tracking of the Vivomove series in at a more affordable price.

Read on for more detail about each of Garmin’s new Fenix 7 and Epix smartwatches…

Fenix 7 

Garmin sums up its new flagship smart watch as this: “Purpose built to improve athletic achievement day in and day out, the fēnix 7 Series enhances the reliable 5-button interface with a responsive touch screen, it adds innovative new training features, multi-band positioning and multi-continent mapping, all integrated in a tough housing with protective button guards and metal-reinforced lugs.”

2022 Garmin fenix7X-SapphireSolar_HR_6002.87

The Fenix 7 Series is available in three sizes and has been redesigned for durability, with reinforced lugs and metal button guards. 

Button controls are matched with a new touchscreen interface for dual utility. “The powerful 5-buttons and touchscreen interface enables quick and intuitive engagement with the topographical maps, offering confident “off-grid” situational awareness,” says Garmin.

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With the introduction of Sapphire Solar models, users now don’t have to choose between solar capabilities and a scratch resistant sapphire lens, as was the case with the Fenix 6 Series. 

“We’ve improved the solar harvesting capability up to 200% in smartwatch mode from fēnix 6 Solar to fēnix 7 Solar,” says Garmin.

2022 Garmin fenix7-Solar_HR_2002.55

“The updated fēnix design maximises solar surface area for increased efficiency including doubling solar gains from fēnix 6 to fēnix 7 in smartwatch mode.”

The solar-enabled Fenix 7X models can also go longer between charges, with a battery life of up to five weeks in smartwatch mode (assuming all-day wear with three hours per day outside in 50,000 lux conditions, which is a not so sunny overcast day) and up to five days in GPS mode (assuming use in, again, 50,000 lux conditions). 

An integrated hands-free quick-access multi-LED flashlight has been introduced to the fēnix 7X: “While setting up camp or running in the dark, a red or adjustable white light will brighten the way for greater visibility and situational awareness,” Garmin explains.

“With running mode enabled, the light will match to a runner’s cadence, alternating between white and red with each arm swing so they can see and be seen, taking each stride with confidence.”

2022 Garmin fenix7X-SapphireSolar_HR_6002.57

To avoid overtraining, Garmin has included a new Real-Time Stamina tool which allows users to monitor and track exertion levels during a run or bike activity. 

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Then there’s a new Visual Race Predictor feature which takes into account running history and overall fitness to provide race estimates and insights into how training is progressing. 

Post workout, you’ve got the Recovery Time Advisor that which Garmin explains “takes into account training intensity and other factors like stress, daily activity and sleep to estimate the number of hours of rest needed to properly recover before another session of the same exertion”.

Daily Workout Suggestions also gives a recommended next run or ride workout based on current training load, training status and overall fitness level.


Garmin has also introduced the Epix, a premium multisport smartwatch that’s built for everyday wear with up to 16 days of battery life, featuring a 1.3” always-on AMOLED display.

2022 Garmin 20210423_Support_ROD_4644_RGB

Garmin describes it as this: “Crafted with a sapphire lens and titanium bezel, epix looks as good in the boardroom as it does in the gym, and with up to 16 days of battery life, users can rely on epix around the clock to keep tabs on sleep and energy levels, help crush a new PB, or train for the next big adventure. Packed with health monitoring, activity tracking and advanced training features— as well as smart notifications—epix helps athletes make the most of every moment.” 

The Epix has tools to help users gain a deeper understanding of their overall wellbeing including: wrist-based heart rate (with user-configurable alerts for high or low readings), respiration and stress tracking, advanced sleep with sleep score and insights, and Body-Battery energy monitoring. 

2022 Garmin epix2_HR_3002.28

For runners, Epix includes a range of advanced training features including PacePro—which keeps a runner’s pacing strategy on track with grade-adjusted guidance as they run a course—and Real-Time Stamina to track and manage exertion through activity to avoid burning out. 

2022 Garmin epix2_HR_4000.47

Venturing outdoors? Epix features multi-band frequency and multi-GNSS support for better and more accurate GPS positioning. 

2022 Garmin epix2_HR_3002.33

Available in sapphire editions, the Epix comes preloaded with TopoActive maps with free access to download multi-continent maps from around the world, via Wi-Fi.

The Fenix 7 Series ranges from £599.99 to £1,049.99, while the cost of the Epix starts at £799.99 and goes up to £999.99.

If you fancy splashing out on one of the new watches, head over to the Garmin website for more deets. 

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