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Secret new tech! Garmin set to release solar-powered Edge 540 and 840 bike computers

Has online retailer accidentally revealed next-generation Garmin Edge computers featuring trickledown tech for improved battery life?

Garmin will soon release updates to its popular Edge 530 and 830 bike computers with the new Edge 540 and 840 coming in both standard rechargeable and solar-powered versions. This information was first published on US electronics retail site Adorama and shared on Weight Weenies. The Adorama listings have since been deleted, presumably because they were announced prematurely.

It’s currently only the top-level Garmin Edge 1040 that’s available in a Solar version, priced at £629.99  compared with £519.99 for the non-Solar model

2023 Garmin Edge 540 - 3

When we reviewed the Garmin Edge 1040 Solar here on we described it as “expensive and big, but easy to use, hugely customisable and the best battery life available – an excellent computer”.

It charges as you’re using it or you can just leave it in direct sunlight when not in use and it will charge too, whether it is turned on or off.

As it’s charging while you ride, the computer uses very little battery power when you’re out and about. Garmin claims a 45-hour run-time on standard mode or 100 hours if you use it in battery-saver mode. 

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The only real downside is the price, and that’s where the Edge 540 and Edge 840 come in. The non-solar-powered Garmin Edge 540 was listed at $349.99 (around £285) on Adorama while the Edge 540 Solar was $449.99 (around £367).

The non-solar-powered Garmin Edge 840 was given as $449.99 (around £367) and the Edge 840 Solar was $549.99 (around £448). If these prices are correct (Garmin has yet to confirm them and a straight US dollar to GB pound conversion is unlikely anyway) each of these models represents a significant outlay but they’re considerably less expensive than the Garmin Edge 1040 Solar.

Garmin launched the Edge 530 and Edge 830 together nearly four years ago, so they’re both due an update.

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What can we expect? The Adorama listing included some details on the new Garmin Edge 840 Solar. The battery life was given as 26-32 hours with solar charging and in direct sunlight), or 42-60 hours in battery-saver mode. Solar power is said to add “up to 25 minutes per hour in battery saver mode”.

It also looks like there will be an update to Garmin’s ClimbPro feature

2023 Garmin Edge 540 - 2

Garmin says, “[You can] see remaining ascent and grade when climbing so you can gauge your effort with the ClimbPro ascent planner, now available on every ride – no course required; view on your Edge device and in the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone for ride planning.”

The new models will offer the Power Guide and Stamina (“so you know how much gas is left in the tank”) features from the Edge 1040.

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2023 Garmin Edge 540 - 4

The existing Garmin Edge 530 and Edge 830 offer similar features to one another but the 530 uses pushbuttons while the 830 is touchscreen. It looks like the Edge 540 and the Edge 840 will differ in the same way. It’s the Edge 540 that’s pictured here.

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When will the Garmin Edge 540 and the Garmin Edge 840 be released? We can’t tell you that, although the fact that listings are apparently ready on consumer-facing websites suggests an imminent launch.

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