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Lotto Dstny reveals new Orbea team bikes - and you can buy their replicas

Belgian pro team unites with Spanish bike brand Orbea, unveiling team bikes and consumer-ready replicas

The Belgian pro team Lotto Dstny has announced a partnership with the Spanish bike brand Orbea for the upcoming 2024 season. Described as a "new era in the pursuit of excellence," this collaboration marks the team's controversial departure from a 12-year partnership with Ridley to embrace Orbea's cutting-edge road bikes, with full replicas of the pro bikes also available for consumers.

"Like Lotto Dstny, we are a brand with a strong global presence. Through this collaboration, we aspire to broaden our impact and strengthen our recognition worldwide," Ander Olariaga, Orbea's Brand and Communications Director, said.

With Lotto Dstny's 38-year-long history in the racing scene and Orbea's 183 years of experience in bike manufacturing, the partners said they share "a history of ties to cycling, rooted in referential territories and social commitment". As part of the partnership, Lotto Dstny riders will be racing on customised versions of Orbea's Orca and Orca Aero road bikes. 

Orbea Orca Aero 2024 Lotto Dstny - 1

The Orca, which was released in July 2023, boasts a claimed weight of 6.7kg, and is set to be one of the lightest bikes in the pro peloton, making it the preferred choice for climbers. Meanwhile, flatter races will see riders opting for the aerodynamic prowess of the Orca Aero.

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Both of the bikes are painted in the characteristic Lotto Dstny red and blue colours along with a glossy black carbon finish.

"Lotto Dstny finds in Orbea an ideal ally to continue improving the performance of our entire structure. The adaptation to the new bikes has been quick and the willingness to continue working on their development is always there. Together, I am certain we can achieve great things," Stéphane Heulot, CEO of Lotto Dstny, said.

Replica editions for sale

Orbea Orca 2024 Lotto Dsnty -

The new bikes are not reserved only for the pros, as Orbea is making the allure of Lotto Dstny-adorned Orbea bikes available for Sunday club riders, too. The Orca M10i LTD Replica and Orca Aero M10i LTD Replica models are already available through Orbea dealers and online. 

These models come built upon a custom frame with the official colours of the team, along with the integrated Vision 5D handlebar, Dura-Ace frame mounts,
drivetrain and brakes with a combo of FSA Powerbox K-Force Team Edition cranks and Oquo wheels.

Orbea Orca 2024 Lotto Dsnty - 2

The Orca M10i LTD Replica will set you back £ 12,499 and the Orca Aero M10i LTD Replica £11,999 so neither of them comes cheap, but then again, these are collector items. 

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the infamous grouse | 4 months ago

good luck getting one - last time i tried to get an orbea, they were sold out and not making any more in the current model year (jan 2022)

Alessandro | 4 months ago

It makes me so happy to see a horizontal(ish) top tube. 

Paul J replied to Alessandro | 4 months ago

Horizontal is the most aero (all else equal). So one of the benefits of the aero craze is some respite from the horrid slopey top tubes.  3

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