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Met brings out aero Trenta 3K helmet with lightweight Mips Air brain protection system

Met’s £280 top-end performance lid still has a low weight of 225g, and 10 to 15mm of relative movement has now been integrated into it

Met has upgraded its Trenta Carbon Mips aero road helmet, with the integration of Mips’ lightweight Air brain protection solution in the padding. There’s now 10 to 15mm of relative movement between the energy absorbing layer and the padding to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain in the event of a crash. The overall weight of the helmet is also kept impressively low, at just 225g. 

2022 Met Trenta 3K Air 8

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“Perfectly vented for hot conditions and extreme efforts, while offering high-performance aerodynamics, the Trenta 3K Carbon Mips is the ultimate racing helmet, used by UAE Team Emirates due to its incredible adaptability,” Met says. 

2022 Met Trenta 3K Air 9

The Trenta features Met’s 3K Carbon Technology which, according to the brand, takes advantage of the carbon’s elastic modulus, and has allowed for the density of the EPS to be reduce by 20%. 

“The result is a lightweight yet better-performing shell that sets a new standard for ventilated helmet design,” Met claims. It’s also said this doesn't affect the capacity of the helmet to absorb energy. 

2022 Met Trenta 3K Air 6

The position of the inlet at the front of the Trenta 3K utilises the 'Venturi effect'... cooling, in plain English.

Met explains. “The vent pushes out the warm air within the helmet through specially positioned exhausts,” Met says. “This ensures constant airflow through the helmet, without catching the wind and creating drag.”

Met adds: “The back of a helmet has a huge impact on how well ventilated it is, with the exit of warm air from within a key priority.”

2022 Met Trenta 3K Air 5

With this in mind, a flat rear deflector inclined at 25 degrees has allowed Met to include two wide exhausts for optimising airflow when riding in an aggressive position. 

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Met has also minimised the amount of the head that’ll be in contact with the helmet to help with keeping you cooler as you ride. Only 30% will be in contact which, according to Met, allows the other 70% to benefit from the optimised airflow passing through the internal cavity. 

2022 Met Trenta 3K Air 1

Developed through specific wind-tunnel testing in the Newton laboratory of Milan, Met has included a low profile Kamm tail for aerodynamic benefits. “It works in synergy with the NACA front vent and the rear deflector to effectively drive airflow,” Met explains.

For those who like stashing their sunglasses away in their helmet when not in use, you’ll be pleased to know dedicated sunglass ports with rubberised grips have been included for secure stowing.

2022 Met Trenta 3K Air 3

The size medium weighs in at a claimed 225g, impressive considering the extra protection Met claims the helmet provides. Previously, the size medium we had on test weighed 220g, which is just an increase of 5g. 

Reflective rear details are also included to aid visibility in low light conditions. 

We were very impressed with the previous iteration - you can read Mat's full review here. It’s lightweight, feels cool in use, although not cheap... and now it’s £15 more expensive, but you do get the Mips system thrown in.

Priced at £280, the Met Trenta 3K Carbon Mips is available now in S (52-56cm), M (56-58cm) and L (58-61cm). 

Has the addition of the Mips AIR system affected cooling? We’ll be getting one in for review to find out… 

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fenix | 1 year ago

But £280 ? Seriously ?

Smoggy Steve | 1 year ago

Great to see an updated version of my favourite helmet for looks and comfort. Although I hope MET have done something about their poor quality padding which has got to be some of the worst I have ever encountered on any cycling helmet. It disintegrates in a matter of months. I have so far had to replace pads 6 times in just under a year. Other brands a quick soak in antibacterial wash and they are good for ages. MET helmets just fall apart and are useless once they start to get a bit wiffy. 

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