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Would you spend £58 on Silca’s new tyre levers?

Admittedly, they come with a CO2 regulator attached – plus more new additions to Silca’s range

Silca has released a new Hot Wax X chain lubricant that’ll set you back £220 and £58 tyre levers that incorporate a CO2 regulator, and has also introduced the "world's most refined low-pressure pump”.

£220 chain lubricant promises 0.5 watt savings 


Silca has released its new Hot Wax X chain lubricant, which promises to run “roughly 0.5 watts faster” than their Secret Chain Blend Hot Melt Wax (we know that watts aren't a measurement of speed but let's go with it). The wax is also said to extend the interval between applications up to 800km (500 miles), but this comes at a cost.

Silca’s Hot Wax X is priced at £220 for a 300g tin compared with their Secret Chain Blend Wax costing £48 for a 500g bag. 


Silca says they are bringing “the most-advanced technology”, with the Hot Wax X containing a key ingredient, Nanene. Developed by the University of Manchester, Nanene is “an ultra-high-quality, few-layer graphene made using a patented manufacturing method.” They claim you can get up to 30,000 km (18,600) miles out of a chain with Hot Wax X. 

The Hot Wax X isn’t the first chain lubricant to contain a form of graphene. AbsoluteBLACK claimed to be the “world’s first hydrocarbon-based chain lubricant containing graphene,” with their drip lube form. 

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Silca £58 tyre levers 


The EOLO 2-in-1 tyre levers come with an integrated CO2 regulator – which is an industry first, as far as we're aware. For £58, this is Silca's new take on the EOLO CO2 regulator and Premio Tyre Levers, the advantage being you only need to carry one item with you. 

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The integrated CO2 regulator is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. You can "expect the same superb quality" as the EOLO CO2 regulator, with an "added twist" - literally. To activate the flow of CO2, the cartridge can be twisted once attached to the threaded end of the tyre lever. 

The updated EOLO 

2022 Silca EOLO IV co2 regulator

Silca has also updated its standard CO2 regulator, the EOLO. The EOLO IV costs £32 and has a new “easy-to-grip” turn dial allowing “full control over the flow of CO2 into the tyre”.

It also includes a regulating valve which, Silca claims, will mean no more wasting of C02. Like the EOLO 2-in-1 tyre levers, the EOLO IV is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. 

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Silca high-volume, low-pressure floor pump 

2022 Silca Terra floor pump

Thirty-four years after introducing the Terra as the first high-volume, low-pressure specific pump for larger-volume tyres, Silca have now reintroduced the Terra concept with new technology. They say it is the "world's most refined low-pressure pump but also [able] to maintain high-pressure capabilities." 

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Silca says, "This is the pump you need to embrace everything from all-road to MTB." The gauge goes up to 120psi with 50% of the face containing 0-30psi (0-2.1bar). Silca claim that this allows for 0.5psi precision at the low end of the range and 1psi precision towards the top. 

2022 SilcaTerra floor pump pressure gauge

Get more info from Silca or visit the website of Silca's UK distributor Saddleback.

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