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SIS Turbo+ indoor training energy products claim to offer up to a 5% boost to performance

Turbo+ range includes menthol which is “proven to enhance performance in heat by up to 5%”

The new Science In Sport Turbo+ range claims to boost indoor training performance by up to 5% by “reducing thermal perception through the refreshing and cooling sensations that menthol evokes.”

Indoor training is taken rather seriously by some these days with races being not just a great way to improve cycling fitness but also a competitive discipline with national championships and professional contracts being given out on the back of Zwift performances.

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British nutrition brand Science In Sport claims to have developed a range of products that it says not only fuels your indoor efforts but could also improve your performance by up to a rather impressive 5%.

The performance claims are attached to one key ingredient SIS says with menthol being used in the Turbo+ gels and drink powder.

Menthol, which features in many mints and nose-unblocking products “improves the ability to tolerate hot environments by reducing thermal perception and makes it easier to breathe through the refreshing and cooling sensations that menthol provides.”

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SIS says that this helps you to tolerate heat stress by reducing thermal perception through those refreshing and cooling sensations.

The gels and drink powder also includes 150mg caffeine, 1.5g beta-alanine and 1.5g L-carnitine “to enhance performance during the high-intensity intervals that are typical of indoor turbo sessions.”

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The energy drink powder comes in a 455g tub (£12) while the 60ml gels can be purchased individually (£1.90) or in boxes of 6 (£11.40) or 30 (£57). Flavours are ‘blueberry freeze’ or ‘cool citrus’. The SIS Turbo+ range is available now.

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