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Strava introduces Flyover 3D video maps – years after withdrawing support for similar Relive system

New feature is designed to give you a bird’s eye video recap of your Strava activities

Strava has introduced a new Flyover feature that’ll provide you with a 3D video map rendering of your activity – which sounds a lot like the Relive app for which it withdrew support back in 2019. Although some Strava users have had access over recent weeks, Flyover is officially launched today.

Strava says, “The Flyover is a video recap of the activity from a bird’s eye view, offering Strava subscribers a different take on their activity. Starting by zooming into the route, it displays the signature Strava orange polyline in motion as the athlete moves throughout the activity. Flyovers are available for all GPS-enabled activities on the subscriber’s profile, including past activities.”

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You'll have noticed the use of the word 'subscribers' there. Flyover isn't available to users of the free version of Strava.


In essence, this sounds a lot like the Relive app that we first told you about way back in 2017. At that time we said, “Relive captures your ride data from Strava or Garmin Connect and transforms it into a stunning moving map. Any ride of 10km or more for a duration of 12 hours or less can be uploaded after your ride has been shared to Strava or Garmin Connect.”

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However, in 2019 Strava cut ties with Relive after accusing the app of breaking API terms relating to members’ data.

“We have strict standards for how our API partners utilise our member data,” said Strava. “We deeply respect the trust of our member community and expect our partners to do the same.

“Relive’s current use of Strava member data violates our API agreement and we have ended its integration with Strava. We are disappointed that Relive was unwilling to make the changes necessary to comply with the agreement.”  

Relive claimed that Strava wasn’t happy about new social features that were included on the latest release of its app.

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Relive still exists, it’s just that you can’t use it through Strava – and now Strava has introduced its own Flyover system.


“Athletes can access Flyover by tapping on the map of a GPS-based activity to open a detailed map screen,” says Strava. “From there, tap on the Flyover button on the bottom right corner and the Flyover video will play. Now available on Android devices, Flyover will be available on all iOS devices by the end of the year.”

Strava says that Flyover is the latest integration of Fatmap’s mapping technology after acquiring the outdoor adventure platform earlier this year. Strava has been including extra features recently like winter 3D maps, maps and route creation, custom waypoints, route details and photos via the online Route Builder

Relive's CEO and co-founder Lex Daniels said, "When we launched Relive in 2016, we knew 3D video was the best way to share outdoor experiences.

"Today, Relive is a community of 20 million users, built without significant funding. I think it is natural for others in the industry to see this success and try to replicate it; Strava isn’t the first to try. Such occurrences are not just inevitable but also a signal of the impact we’ve made in the outdoor space."

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Velo-drone | 3 months ago

I'm not a subscriber but it was enabled for a ride I uploaded this weekend.

I tried it out - moderately ok, but nowhere near as good as Relive to be honest. But underwhelming really.

richliv | 3 months ago

Looks good but I am seeing a red line underneath an orange line and they don't follow the exact same path. Weird.

JohnP_SM7 replied to richliv | 3 months ago

That's certainly a bit odd!  I've had the flyover feature for a little while now and looked at several of my rides - and other people's - with it.  I've never seen it behave like in your screenshot.  The red line always shows the route ahead,  the blue dot follows it and fills-in with a slightly thicker orange line behind it. 

The terrain in your shot does look rather hillier than where I ride though,  however even looking at the hillier bits of my rides I don't see any separation of the red and orange tracks like you get.  As you say,  weird! 

stonojnr replied to JohnP_SM7 | 3 months ago

Saw it happen on the first activity I tried with it, but cant get it to repeat.

I wonder if it's caching related, to the map view, as you can see the resolution of the map changes as you flyover bits and the switch in low res to hi res makes the dynamic tracking jump.

Miller | 3 months ago

Just gave this a try. Looks best if your ride has significant elevation so a bit dull for my rides round here. Looks impressive for the fred whitton though.

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