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Time says its new ADHX Gravel/Allroad bike uses the ‘world’s strongest fibre’

New ADHX performance bike uses bio-based Dyneema fibres and has 40mm tyre clearance, a top tube mounting point as well as forged carbon dropouts

Time Bicycles has launched a performance gravel/all-road frame that it says is the first of its kind to incorporate the “world’s strongest fibre”, bio-based Dyneema, for increasing strength in the frame structure without compromising stiffness or weight. 

2022 Time ADHX 2

The ADHX is designed for riders who want a top-performing fast gravel machine and is Time’s first performance offering for gravel/all-road riding. 

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The ADHX is also the brand’s first gravel-orientated frame to utilise braided carbon structure (BCS) manufacturing, which is Time’s exclusive technique that is claimed to outperform traditional carbon prepreg construction (using sheets of carbon pre-impregnated with resin) by incorporating several types of fibre into each multidirectional braid.

Among these fibres is Dyneema... but what's so special about Time's use of Dyneema? 

Well, “[it’s] 15x stronger than steel at the same weight, with a tensile strength up to 43 cN/dtex,” says Time. Added to that, it's “so light that it floats on water and furthermore has a very high modulus (resistance against deformation)”.

“Dyneema has been making headlines in the cycling news for a few years now, but to date very few manufacturers have been able to incorporate this advanced material in their products,” Time notes. 

2022 Time ADHX 3

The brand reckons this is due largely to prepreg carbon construction, with bike manufacturers being restricted to the common fibres offered by large carbon suppliers. “In addition, the high temperatures used for curing prepreg frames is above the recommended maximum for Dyneema fibres,” Time says. “The tight profitability of commodities dictates that unique or expensive products that are not in wide demand are simply not worth producing.”

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2022 Time ADHX 4

As it weaves its own braided carbon structures (BCS) Time says it has been able to test strands of sustainable bio-based Dyneema fibres since they first became available from DSM. The use of its unique Resin Transfer Molding process, which works at a lower temperature to prepreg, also enables Time to incorporate bio-based Dyneema into the frame.

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The Resin Transfer Moulding is the technique Time also uses to minimise defects in the frame structure. 

“By laying up dry fibres and then injecting resin at high pressure between rigid external and internal molds, air pockets and voids are eliminated. 

“Unlike the industry-standard prepreg layup and air bag moulding, RTM quality is uniform and consistent yielding a beautiful near-finished product.”

As well as using Dyneema, ADHX also uses Time’s Braided Carbon Structures (BCS).

“Braided Carbon Structure is the weaving of dry fibres into complex bi-directional ‘socks’,” Time explains. “These tubes of fibre are easy to tune with different materials.” Time says it currently choses from 16 filaments for tailoring the layups. 

“This process also allows something that is unheard of in the cycling world; continuous fibres that run the full length of a structure,” Time claims. “With standard prepreg layup, fibres end where the sheets do, creating inherent weaknesses.”

Time certainly aims to be at the forefront of carbon fibre manufacturing with its exclusive technologies, but now let’s take a look at the other aspects of the ADHX... 

2022 Time ADHX 5

It is designed to fit about 40mm tyres depending on rim and tyre choice. “This offers the optimal balance of speed, low weight and broad tire selection,” says Time.

To add some carrying capacity, the ADHX has a top tube mount for compatibility with bags which have easy access while riding. 

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Compatibility with both single and double chainring drivetrains doesn’t leave exposed frame holes or an empty derailleur mount, thanks to Time’s Single Cover for 1x setups.

With 20 times the fatigue life of steel or alloy, Time says it uses forged carbon where others spec heavier aluminum parts. “A 60% fibre content allows drilling and threading without cracking, processes that are much more challenging with prepreg construction,” Time explains.

2022 Time ADHX 6

Time says the size small (unpainted) frame weighs in at 1025g. 

It is priced at £3,149. 

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jayinjapants | 2 years ago

I was going to join the chorus of approval but I'm not convinced by the seat stay. Would need to see a picture from a better angle first.

MonarchyBoner | 2 years ago

Happy to see anything written about Time. Their most recent frames are pure sex, yet it's hard to find any kind of content on them apart from Time's own. If I had the cash I'd buy their Purple Alpe D'Huez '21, It's so damn beautful.

bobrayner | 2 years ago

That looks great! It's closer to a CX bike than the fat-tyred adventure bike end of gravel, but that's fine, it'll attract a few road riders.

I wonder about the cabe routing. Could be worse, though, could have cable routing like a 3T Exploro. Surprised they didn't use an integrated barstem!

Dingaling | 2 years ago

That has definitely got a wow factor. I'm just wondering if I could get rid of my mountain bike to make room for this. I think the Time could handle the stuff I do off-road.

open_roads | 2 years ago

If you can get past the atrocious website the ADHX in green looks incredible.

JL77 | 2 years ago

It's good to have other fibers included for durability.

At the same time: doesn't it make recycling harder?

AidanR replied to JL77 | 2 years ago

Recycling carbon fibre is very hard anyway, and I doubt much of it happens in real life. 

RobD | 2 years ago

Time make some of the only carbon frames that I actually want, this in particular is a really nice point between classic and modern looking.

Also, they've managed to make a brown bike that looks attractive, bonus points for that!

Romanp | 2 years ago

Beautiful masterpiece 👍🥰

pkaro | 2 years ago
1 like

I am just getting a Time Alpe D'Huez built up. I'm so excited!

sparrowlegs replied to pkaro | 2 years ago

What colour? Is it the 01 or the 21? You can't just pop up and throw that in, I need details!!! 😀

Mathemagician replied to pkaro | 2 years ago

Same- frame arrived a few weeks back and I'm just getting it painted before building it up. I can't wait!

Also: massive props to Time for having the option of selling their frames unpainted- it also shows how confident they are in their manufacturing as paint is often used to cover cosmetic defects. They even sent me the offical decal templates for my paint job!

Back to the ADHX though- it looks very similar in geometry to the ADH, I wonder if they've done much more than splay the seat stays and fork. The internal routing from the cockpit is new too, ADH01 and 21 both have ports on the downtube.  

sparrowlegs replied to Mathemagician | 2 years ago
1 like

When you look at the work that goes in to a Time frame, it makes you wonder how the hell Specialized can charge so much for theirs. 

What colour have you gone for with yours? 

Mathemagician replied to sparrowlegs | 2 years ago

Going for a pearl effect, similar colour shifts to this:

peted76 | 2 years ago

Oooh that sounds lovely. I want one.

sparrowlegs | 2 years ago
1 like

I love Time frames and the way they are made. This one looks mega. 

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