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The stache water bottle can transform from 550ml to 750ml capacity with modular attachments

Now live on Kickstarter, you can also add attachments to the bottle to fit ride essentials such as tools and nutrition

A cycling water bottle that has an adjustable liquid capacity and can harbour ride essentials has been launched in a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The stache has a modular design and is designed to provide a versatile carrying capacity for also stashing items such as tools and nutrition. £541 has been pledged so far towards the £56,990 goal, with 22 days to go. 

2022 stache kickstarter

The modular water bottle was created to allow riders to carry more on the bike without the need of a bag, say the people behind stache. Basically, you can adjust the storage volume to carry more water or more riding essentials.

“Our unique threaded design means you can choose what your bottle does for you, small or large lower caps can be used with Co2 or Stealth storage inserts... you decide how to build your perfect bottle,” it reads on the Kickstarter page.

2022 stache kickstarter 3

Water capacity is customisable and starts at approximately 550ml, 600ml with 'stealth storage' or up to 750ml with the large expansion cap.

The Stache is designed to fit water bottle cages regardless of which caps are used. 

The drink valve is described as big, easy to clean and made from self sealing silicone - "simple with no drips".

2022 stache kickstarter 2

A removable lower cap should help with making it easy to clean, and it’s made from high quality BPA free polypropylene which is said to be "taste free" and dishwasher safe. The caps are also made from recycled polypropylene.

Instead of using a saddle bag or handlebar bag, or your jersey pockets, the bottle cage area is often used for neatly carrying tools on a ride. You can get tool kegs which are specifically for holding tools, taking the place of a water bottle. 

Then you’ve got other options such as Topeak’s Ninja Master+ Cage which features an interchangeable cage mount for compatibility with its accessories for basic repair and maintenance, allowing you to add tools, a co2 inflator kit or inner tube holder beneath the cafe - we currently have this system on test. 

2022 stache kickstarter 5

By pledging £9 you’ll get 10% off RRP the small or large stache water bottle. You can also pledge £10 for 40% off RRP with the small version, large lower cap, stealth storage insert and CO2 storage insert all included. 

Estimated delivery to backers is August 2022. 

You can support the project here at the Kickstarter page. As always, all the usual Kickstarter rules and regulations apply which can be found here.

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