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Is this the worst cycling jersey ever? The Hairy Nude kit "will get motorists looking twice", say its creators

"Nudity grabs attention, cyclists need attention" claim Bicycle Booth, who have unleashed the horrific 'Hairy Nude' collection on the world in the form of cycling jerseys, shorts and gilets

Want to bring "fun and laughs" to your cycling friends? Although we'd beg to differ and think it might terrify the vast majority, cycling apparel brand Bicycle Booth say their Hairy Nude collection will do just that. Featuring a detailed print of a very hairy torso on the jersey, they also claim the Hairy Nude gear will "get motorists looking twice" when you're out on the road. 

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While the distasteful gear has been on sale since December, somehow it escaped our attention but appears to have been spreading around social media recently. Bicycle Booth say cyclists need to be seen, and you can't argue that the Hairy Nude collection is likely to get you plenty of attention... just probably not for all the right reasons. It's proper cycling kit, with quick-drying fabric and three rear pockets so you can "practice your favourite sport and feel good at the same time"; even if you don't look very good. 

hairy nude cycling jersey front - via bicycle booth PNG.PNG

Things aren't much better at the back

The Hairy Nude kit comes in two skin tone colours, and there are both short-sleeved and long-sleeved thermal jerseys, priced at £40 and £56 respectively. There are also gilets (£40) and bib shorts (£40) if you want to go full hairy nude, although the shorts do have plain black Lycra over the essential parts rather than a graphic depiction. That's more than can be said of this eye-catching outfit worn by Colombia's national cycling team back in 2014... 

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In any case, head over to Bicycle Booth's website if you think you're brave enough to go Hairy Nude in public.

Update, 7th August 2020: have asked Bicycle Booth for a statement after being made aware of negative feedback from customers regarding shipping delays and product descriptions.  

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