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Best summer cycling jerseys 2024 — beat the heat with these breathable tops for summer riding

Is it time to treat yourself to a new cycling jersey for the warmer weather? Here are 10 options recommended by the reviews team

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The best summer cycling jerseys offer a winning combination of style, comfort and performance, making them a top choice for cyclists of all levels. From the Lusso Paragon's sleek design and high-capacity pockets to the Universal Colours Spectrum Light's lightweight and sustainable construction, these jerseys are a must-have for riders who demand the best - and don't want to be drenched in sweat on warm weather rides.

Recent advancements in technical fabrics have resulted in a noticeable disparity in on-bike performance between top-quality cycling jerseys and regular clothes not specifically designed for cycling. This difference becomes even more significant if you're aiming for speed or seeking comfort during hot weather rides.

All of the cycling jerseys tested by the test team meet the criteria that many road cyclists care about in terms of style and appearance - and these ten jerseys listed below have all scored four or more stars in our strict testing. 

All of these jerseys are specifically designed for warm and dry weather conditions and because of that, feature a close-fitting design and built-in breathability features. Many modern cycling jerseys also boast sustainable materials and additional UV protection. To find out more about how to choose the best summer cycling jersey for you, we've also listed some of the most common questions about the topic at the bottom of this buyer's guide. 

To complete your warm weather cycling outfit, you can also check out our guide to cheap cycling jerseys, and for the bottom half, our guide to the best bib shorts. All of our top reviews are also listed on the recommends page, so you can easily browse through the creme de la creme of cycling products, all in one place. 

The best summer cycling jerseys

Universal Colours Spectrum Light Men's Short Sleeve Jersey

Universal Colours Spectrum Light Men's Short Sleeve Jersey An environmentally conscious festive bargain

Universal Colours Spectrum Light Men's Short Sleeve Jersey

Best overall summer jersey
Buy now for £39 from Sigma Sports
Uses recycled fabrics
No zipped valuables pocket

The Universal Colours Spectrum Light Men's Short Sleeve Jersey is a lightweight and breathable summer jersey made entirely from recycled Italian fabrics. Weighing just 78g, it offers excellent performance and comfort, particularly in hot weather. The form-fitting design, stretchy fabric, and low-profile seams provide a comfortable and aerodynamic fit. While it lacks a zipped valuables pocket, the three rear pockets offer ample storage space. Priced at £120, it is a high-end option that matches the performance of similarly priced jerseys while showcasing its eco-friendly credentials.

In summary, the Universal Colours Spectrum Light Men's Short Sleeve Jersey is a standout choice for riders seeking a high-quality summer jersey. Its lightweight construction, breathability, and comfort make it ideal for warm-weather riding. Despite the higher price tag, the use of recycled fabrics and the excellent performance justify the investment.

Santini Eco Sleek Bengal Jersey

Santini Eco Sleek Bengal Jersey

Santini Eco Sleek Bengal Jersey

Best for classic design
Buy now for £84.45 from Ebay
Excellent fit
Great looks
Superb comfort
Extensive use of recycled materials
White marks easily
It's on the expensive side
No zipped security pocket

The Santini Eco Sleek Bengal Jersey is a stylish, comfortable cycling jersey with an excellent fit and classic look. It incorporates recycled materials, demonstrating Santini's commitment to sustainability. Despite lacking a zipped security pocket, the jersey offers deep rear pockets and is a more affordable option compared to high-end competitors. It's a classy choice for cyclists who value style and sustainability and fares well in warm temperatures.

Vanelli Proline Jersey

Vanelli Proline Jersey

Vanelli Proline Jersey

Best for value
Buy now for £60 from Vanelli
Long sleeve grips work really well
Sturdy pockets
Hidden zip means clean lines
Heavy branding
Flapping reflective material is odd

The Vanelli Proline Jersey offers excellent value for money as a lightweight and warm-weather-oriented cycling jersey. Its smart design, interesting colours, and sturdy pockets impressed us, while the long-sleeve grips worked exceptionally well.

The hidden zip ensures clean lines, and the jersey has a sleek fit - but with a wide array of sizes available, it caters to various body types. However, the heavy branding and the presence of flapping reflective material might be considered drawbacks for some riders.


Velocio Men’s Signature Jersey

Velocio Men’s Signature Jersey

Velocio Men’s Signature Jersey

Best for eco-conscious
Buy now for £147 from Velocio
Extremely comfortable material
Green credentials
Stylish looks
High price

The Velocio Men's Signature Jersey is a comfortable and simply stylish cycling jersey made from recycled Italian fabric. It offers exceptional breathability and feels luxurious to wear. The fit focuses on comfort rather than a purely aggressive race fit, striking a good balance between compression and comfort. In our testing, we found that the quality of the materials and construction is excellent, and the jersey remains comfortable even during long rides.

Although this top comes with a premium price tag, the Velocio Men's Signature Jersey delivers on its promises of comfort and style. The only notable downside is the high-end price. With its green credentials, sleek design, and superior comfort, this jersey is a great choice for those willing to invest in a high-quality and stylish cycling garment.

dhb Aeron Lab Ultralight SS Jersey

dhb Aeron Lab Ultralight SS Jersey

dhb Aeron Lab Ultralight SS Jersey

Best for hot weather
Buy now for £54 from Chain Reaction Cycles
Excellent ventilation
Leaves almost nothing to the imagination

The dhb Aeron Lab Ultralight Short Sleeve Jersey is a very lightweight, highly ventilated cycling jersey that excels in hot weather conditions. It offers exceptional breathability, thanks to its innovative mesh fabrics, making it ideal for high-performance rides in the summer. The jersey weighs only 77g and provides a close and comfortable fit.

One notable feature of the jersey is its transparency, which may not be suitable for riders who prefer more coverage. However, if you prioritise ultra-lightness and maximum ventilation, this jersey is an excellent choice. With its high-performance design and a relatively affordable price tag of £90, the dhb Aeron Lab Ultralight Short Sleeve Jersey offers great value for its impressive features.

Santini Redux Speed Jersey

Santini Redux Speed Jersey

Santini Redux Speed Jersey

Best racing summer jersey
Buy now for £190 from Santini
Great cut almost everywhere
Super comfortable
Super pricey
High pocket entry

The Santini Redux Speed Jersey is a high-performance, aero-focused cycling jersey with a sleek and snug fit. It is designed for riders who prioritise speed and performance. The jersey features wind tunnel-tested construction and is made from shuttle-woven fabrics that provide excellent breathability, quick drying, and UV protection.

In terms of fit, the Santini Redux Speed Jersey offers a comfortable and tailored feel, with elastic grippers at the waistband and thermo-welded sleeve cuffs to keep it securely in place. The jersey has deep triple rear pockets for ample storage, although the pocket entry is relatively high compared to other jerseys, which may pose a slight inconvenience when accessing items.

One consideration is the price, as the Santini Redux Speed Jersey is quite expensive, priced at £190. However, it offers top-notch performance and quality to match its premium price tag. If you're willing to invest in a high-end jersey that delivers exceptional performance and aerodynamic benefits, the Santini Redux Speed Jersey is a great option, provided it fits within your budget.

MAAP Evade Pro Base Jersey 2.0

MAAP Evade Pro Base Jersey 2.0

MAAP Evade Pro Base Jersey 2.0

Best money-no-object summer jersey
Buy now for £165 from Sigma Sports
Lovely cut and fit
Very comfy
Looks great
Very expensive
Not the lightest

The MAAP Evade Pro Base Jersey 2.0 is made from sustainable materials and features a well-judged cut that offers a comfortable fit. The jersey includes thoughtful details like heavily perforated sleeves and ventilated fabric in the rear panels for improved airflow and cooling. It resists odour build-up effectively and although sweat shows on the fabric, it doesn’t make the top uncomfortable. 

The rear pockets are spacious and accommodate items like phones, while a zippered valuables pocket adds extra security. However, the pocket opening is smaller than the pocket itself. The price tag of £165 makes this jersey an expensive option, if you prioritise style, comfort, and performance and are willing to invest in a premium jersey, the MAAP Evade Pro Base Jersey 2.0 is a top choice.

TICCC HC jersey

TICCC HC jersey

TICCC HC jersey – Coral Lightweight

Best bold design summer jersey
Buy now for £102 from
Race fit
Recycled materials
Bold graphics
Race fit
Tiny valuables pocket

The TICCC HC jersey is a top-notch summer cycling jersey that has been designed for racing and hot conditions, it features a lightweight construction and plenty of ventilation, and also a high percentage of recycled fabrics, highlighting its commitment to sustainability. Its tight, race-fit design ensures an aerodynamic profile and eliminates any bunching or wrinkling. 

With three rear pockets and a valuables pocket, the jersey offers sufficient storage, although the valuables pocket is relatively small. The jersey's graphics and colour options may not suit everyone, but its overall quality and performance make it an outstanding choice for those seeking a tight-fitting jersey that effectively manages heat during rides. Priced at £102, the TICCC HC jersey provides excellent value considering its fit, comfort, and use of recycled materials.

Lusso Paragon Jersey

Lusso Paragon Jersey

Lusso Paragon Jersey

Best for a lot of pocket space
Buy now for £105 from Lusso
Great fit
Deep pockets
Only available in one colour

The Lusso Paragon jersey is a stylish and comfortable cycling jersey that excels in a variety of conditions, not only in the summer but also for spring and autumn riding. With great breathability and high-capacity pockets, this top is ideal for long days in the saddle. The jersey has a close fit but with comfort in mind rather than an aggressive race cut. The sleeves are a good length, and the laser-cut ends fit well and remain in place all day.

The Lusso Paragon jersey held up well to frequent washing and showed no signs of wear during the testing period. The jersey is available in five sizes, and only one colour, navy. Priced at £100, the Paragon is also rather competitively priced compared to similar options in the market. 

Albion Short Sleeve Jersey

Albion Short Sleeve Jersey

Albion Short Sleeve Jersey

Best summer jersey for long rides
Buy now for £69 from Albion Cycling
Close fit
Stretchy fabric
Recycled materials
Sizing seems a touch on the small side

The Albion Short Sleeve Jersey is designed for warm-weather cycling. The fit of the jersey is described as "close to the body," and it lives up to that description. However, the sizing tends to run on the small side, so it is recommended to consider sizing up for a more comfortable fit. Because of the ample stretch provided by the materials, the jersey remains unobtrusive during rides and provides unrestricted movement. 

The jersey has a design with three rear pockets that have pleat bottoms for increased volume. It also has a low-profile zippered side stash pocket, and the main zip uses a YKK reverse coil camlock, which is easy to use and durable.

In terms of performance, the Albion Short Sleeve Jersey excels in comfort and breathability. It handles warm weather well and shows no signs of sagging or fading after repeated washing. Priced at £105, it is at the higher end of the price spectrum for cycling jerseys, but competes with other options in this price range and offers a combination of style and performance.

Everything you need to know about summer cycling jerseys

Do I need a summer cycling jersey?

While you can wear a T-shirt for cycling, you'll soon be drenched in your own sweat. That is why it's better to wear a specific cycling jersey made from a breathable fabric to keep you dry and cool, ensuring you remain comfortable all the way.

Along with padded bib shorts, a good short sleeve cycling jersey for warmer weather is an essential part of any cyclist's wardrobe.

You can shed litres of sweat on long rides in the sun so a technical cycling jersey made with a high-wicking fabric will keep you dry and cool. Worth noting is that many jerseys can be worn nearly year-round, during early spring and late into the autumn when you pair them with some good arm warmers and a gilet.

What material should my summer cycling jersey be?

A summer cycling jersey is a simple garment in essence, but look through any catalogue or browse your local shop and you'll quickly realise there are hundreds of different jerseys. They're all trying to do the same thing though, but how they do it can be very different, so it's worth being clear what you're looking for before you start buying.

Yes, you could wear a t-shirt on your bike. But cotton, as you'll find out if you ever ride in it on a hot day, isn't that great at dealing with sweat; it simply holds onto it, and before long will be soaked through. Add a light breeze and you can quickly chill. Not good.

So the aim of a technical jersey is to wick sweat from your skin to the outer side of the fabric, where it can evaporate. That leaves you dry, so you don't get clammy with sweat and won't chill if the temperature drops or the wind picks up.

Man-made synthetic fabrics are the mainstay of summer cycling jerseys, but natural materials – basically types of wool such as merino – are also good choices. Naturally sourced materials such as Merino wool have developed a lot in recent years with many improvements and developments leading to Merino wool being a good choice, even on hot days. One particular benefit of woollen cycling jerseys is that the fat molecules in sweat find it harder to cling to the organic fibres than they do with man-made polyester, so wool jerseys take a lot longer to pong - although they do have that slight woolly smell to them.

How much does a summer cycling jersey cost?

You can pay anything from £5 to £130 for a cycling jersey, but an expensive one isn't necessarily 20 times better. Generally, you're paying extra for better and more advanced fabrics that are better at wicking sweat and keeping you cool and dry than very basic fabrics. You can also expect improved fit and styling and extra features. Nowadays, many brands are choosing to use more sustainable materials and ways to manufacture and dye their jerseys, which might add to the cost a little, but the planet will thank us for choosing those products. 

For some affordable cycling jerseys, we have our separate guide to cheap cycling jerseys.

Will my summer cycling jersey protect me from the sun?

Another consideration for cycling in hot weather is to look for a jersey with a fabric that provides some sun protection. Some cycling jerseys use very lightweight and loose weave fabric that can let a lot of harmful UV rays through, so manufacturers have started addressing this by making clothing with SPF and UPF ratings.

When you're cycling you're exposing your back to the sun, the area under your jersey where you most likely won't apply sun cream. Don't ever forget the back of your neck either, it needs some sunscreen as well!

How should my summer cycling jersey fit?

As you might notice from scrolling through the best jerseys we've listed above, summer cycling jerseys tend to be rather tight-fitting. Fit is, naturally, a personal thing, and also depends on the style of riding you do. If it's sportives and racing, then tighter-fitting jerseys are better, as they're less flappy and more aero. When the jersey is also infused with sweat-wicking properties, you kind of want it to sit next to your skin to work its magic. 

For touring and leisure cycling, a relaxed fit with a more generous cut will be preferable, and equally so for commuting to the office. Such cycling jerseys can be made from highly technical fabrics, but offer a more relaxed style that is as comfortable on the bike as sitting in the beer garden for a post-ride drink.

Sizing is critical, whichever your chosen style and most brands offer a range of sizes that should sit most body shapes. Some measure up smaller or larger than others, so don't take it for granted that you're a medium in one brand and that you'll be the same size in all other brands - our reviews usually tell you if the sizing feels small or large. Trying before you buy is really the best way to proceed if you have the opportunity.

If you're racing or seeking an aerodynamic advantage, there are a raft of new cycling jerseys designed to sit very close to the skin, with no excess material to flap in the wind, and help your upper body better cut through the air. Remember, about 80% of the wind drag you face when cycling is caused by the body, so ensuring your body is aero is a better place to start than dropping £2K on a pair of carbon deep-section wheels.

What features should I look for in a summer cycling jersey?

The tech features can make or break a good summer cycling jersey, and generally speaking, the more features the higher the price. The very minimum you want is three pockets around the back for stuffing a ride's worth of food, money and spare tubes, and a zip at the front for when you need to cool down. That's your classic cycling jersey right there.

There's a myriad of extra options, with everything from zipped pockets, full-length zippers, mesh panels strategically placed for maximum ventilation, elasticated waists, silicone hems to stop them riding up, and reflective stripes, good for riding late into the summer evenings. It's all down to preference, but if you know you sweat a lot, look for thinner, well breathable materials and keep your back pockets empty if possible for maximum air flow. 

How do I care for my summer cycling jersey?

It's not a good idea to wear your cycling jersey more than once, even if it was just a short ride. The reason is that once the perspiration settles into the fabric of the jersey, the bad smell starts to develop because of bacteria. So wash your cycling jersey after every ride - even if it is a rinse in the shower with you. This way you keep the smell at bay. 

For washing, it's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines printed on the care label. The temperature rating is the vital bit, and it's necessary to wash your jersey in a cool temperature. If you do wash a fabric at a higher temperature than advised and do so constantly, the fabric will deteriorate in quality and become baggy.

Washing liquid or gels is preferable to powder as they are less aggressive with delicate fabrics, though powder is better at getting out really muddy stains. When it comes to drying avoid the tumble drier at all costs, unless you want your jersey to lose its shape. Instead, hang the jersey on the washing line or over a clothes rack and allow it to dry naturally. Thin summer jerseys dry quickly so you won't have to wait long.

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