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Gifts for cyclists under £50 2023 — the best affordable Christmas presents for the cyclist in your life

Check out our handpicked selection of budget-friendly Christmas gifts under £50 for the cyclist in your life, whether they're a hardcore mile-muncher or an occasional rider...

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If you’re searching for the ideal present for your cycling mum, dad, significant other, mate, or even yourself, look no further. We’ve curated a list of top-notch cycling gifts, all priced under 50 quid, just in time for the festive season.

While the price of pretty much everything has risen lately, fear not – there are still fantastic gifts available without breaking the bank. This selection is made up of items that have earned praise and high marks from our reviews team over the past year, so you know you’re onto a winner here.

Check out gift ideas you might not have considered before, and feel free to share your own recommendations in the comments section below. What's the most impressive sub-£50 Christmas gift you've given or received? Let us know.

Keep your eyes peeled for more 2023 Christmas Gift Guides coming very soon!

The best Christmas gifts for cyclists under £50

Sportful Matchy Cap

Sportful Matchy Cap

Toasty hat for winter riding
Buy now for £12.5 from Saddleback
Impressive thermal properties
Excellent comfort
Effective water-repellent layer
Pricier than most similar caps

The Sportful Matchy Cap is a comfy, warm and water-repellent cap for cold-weather riding, so it’ll make a perfect Christmas present. It fits under a helmet easily.

Sportful reckons this cap is suitable for temperatures over 10°C, but we think you’ll get use out of it on rides well below that and also when it’s raining.

This polyamide and elastane cap features Sportful’s ‘No Rain’ technology, which it describes as ‘a proprietary nano-tech water-repellent fabric, with high durability and no water absorption’. It works a treat, water beading up on the material rather than soaking in. The construction quality is good too and – bonus – you'll probably find it well below the RRP.

Proviz Reflect360 Waterproof Gloves

Proviz Reflect360 Waterproof Cycling Gloves

Great gloves for keeping warmth in and water out
Buy now for £39.99 from Proviz
Padding is a bonus
Snug cuffs keep the cold out
Loads of reflectivity
Well made
Come up a little small
No nose wipe

Gloves are another Christmas staple and these ones from Proviz are super-visible. They’re also warm, they keep rain out in all but the heaviest of downpours, and they even offer some padding for extra comfort.

Reflective gloves are a great idea for anyone who rides at night, especially in traffic where they ensure hand signals are easily seen by other road users. There’s absolutely no missing these.

The gloves are well made, and the reflective material will stand the test of time. Even riding in sub-zero conditions isn’t an issue, with the very soft lining material proving great insulation.

Magicshine Windbreaker Classic Sunglasses

Magicshine Windbreaker Classic Sunglasses

Serious shades at a nice price
Buy now for £39.99 from Magicshine
Adjustable nose-pad
Good optical clarity
Rugged semi-hard case
Very light
Great value for money
Nose-piece is just about visible in wear

Eyewear is important for cyclists all year round, and these Magicshine Windbreaker Classic Sunglasses offer good levels of protection They're nicely shaped, comfortable and ultra-light too. All round, they’re excellent, especially for the money.

In terms of comfort, these are spot on, with no pressure on the temples, and the adjustable nose-piece makes it easy to get a good fit.

Clarity of vision is very good too, the large wraparound lens works with most face shapes, and you can choose from five different frame colour and lens combos.

You get much more style, comfort and performance than you’d expect for the price.

Muc-Off Disco Bar End Plugs

Muc-Off Disco Bar End Plugs

Bike bling
Buy now for £19.99 from Westbrook Cycles
Lots of colours!
Decent value
Can scuff easily
Tricky to fit flush with thicker tape

Bar end plugs? As a present? Yes, but these ones from Muc-Off are really cool. Forget the plastic ones that come with new bar tape, these are CNC-machined aluminium, they’re offered in different colours, and they’ll add a touch of class to any bike.

Rather than just pushing into the end of your handlebar, these tighten in place, a silica plug expanding under compression when you turn the little bolt in the middle.

They work well and they look good. Result!

Cafe Du Cycliste Tool Saddle Bag

Cafe Du Cycliste Tool Saddle Bag

A touch of class
Very easy to fit and remove
Just big enough
Not the cheapest or lightest

The Cafe Du Cycliste Tool Saddle Bag is a really handy little option that loads of cyclists will find useful. It’s secure, well made, waterproof and easy to use. Unlike most other run-of-the-mill saddle bags, it’s also pretty stylish – and that has to be a plus point when it comes to choosing a gift.

Essentially, this is a tiny roll-top waterproof bag. The rugged-feeling fabric is heat-sealed at the seams, it resists stains and is easy to clean.

This is far from the cheapest option out there, but it's good enough to warrant the price.

Riding With The Rocketmen

Riding With The Rocketmen by James Witts

Great for post-Christmas motivation
Buy now for £13.49 from Bloomsbury
Practical information
Not unnecessarily scientific
No pictures

Everyone loves a good book for Christmas and James Witts’ Riding with the Rocketmen is exactly that.

It’s a look at the way pro riders train for their big races – and an analysis of what we mere mortals can learn from them. Anyone aiming to make the right choices for an upcoming event will find some useful tips here.

It’s interesting, entertaining, and informative – all in all, a very good read. We highly recommend it.

Specialized/Fjällräven Snack Bag

Specialized/Fjällräven Snack Bag

High-quality gifting
Buy now for £36 from Cyclestore
Quality materials
Secure and easy to use
Weather resistant
Lots of colours
Not fully waterproof
Relatively heavy

It’s a bit of a niche product, admittedly, but the Specialized/Fjallraven Snack Bag is a high-quality choice for keeping a water bottle or snacks within easy reach while riding.

This is a semi-soft design, with thin foam padding all the way around and under the base to create a flexible structure. It’ll happily support a full water bottle without feeling flimsy.

It’s one of the pricier options out there, but this bag is really well made, has good weather resistance and looks great.

The New Grand Tour Cookbook

The New Grand Tour Cookbook 2 by Hannah Grant

Recipe for fitness
Buy now for £32.99 from Blackwells

We might not all be able to ride Grand Tours but we can eat like the pros thanks to this updated book from Hannah Grant. She has teamed up with some of the best riders of the peloton – Mads Pedersen, Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, Kasper Asgreen, and many more – to cook up the ultimate kitchen companion for endurance athletes.

The book comprises “352 pages of easy-to-prepare, brand new recipes containing allergy-friendly, natural, unprocessed foods, including the nine meals that were incorporated into the Jumbo Visma menu for the 2023 Tour”.

Oxford UltraTorch Headlight

Oxford UltraTorch Headlight CL500

Bright light for the darkest nights
Buy now for £37.99 from Decathlon
Well made
Bright enough for the darkest lanes
Easy to use
Well priced
Run-time predictions a bit broad
Charge bars tricky to interpret

As well as adding visibility, the Oxford UltraTorch Headlight CL500 is bright enough to light the way on the darkest lanes. Well made and easy to use, it’s a very impressive option for the price.

The main body of the light is aluminium and kept out even heavy rain during testing. The mount is secure, and there’s no unwanted movement to make the beam shaky.

You can choose from several lighting modes, the brightest of which is suitable for all but the fastest of road rides at night. The runtimes are generous too.

Cycling Souvenirs King of the Mountains breakfast bowl

Cycling Souvenirs King of the Mountain Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast like a champion
Buy now for £17 from Cycling Souvenirs

Cycling Souvenirs provides some great gift ideas – it’s what the site is all about – and the King of the Mountains Breakfast Bowl is now back in stock for the climber in your life.

Other options are available too, including bowls adorned with classic team livery: Molten Arcore, La Vie Claire… They just add a bit of bike-related colour to breakfast time.

More widely, Cycling Souvenirs offers prints, clothing, wall signs, and more, so head over there for some inspiration.

GripGrab AquaRepel Arm Warmers

GripGrab AquaRepel Arm Warmers

Warm AND water resistant
Buy now for £39.95 from GripGrab
Super comfy
Nice sleek look
Impressive water resistance
Quite expensive

Arm warmers aren’t an obvious present by any means – but that’s not a bad thing. These ones from GripGrab are comfy and keep out water impressively. They might be a little more expensive than most other arm warmers but they’re worth it for the performance.

The AquaRepel warmers do their water-repelling with as little damage to the environment as possible, GripGrab using a finish that doesn't contain fluorocarbons.

The water resistance is really impressive for a material that feels like most other arm warmers; it doesn’t have the plasticky feel some cheaper water-resistant cycling kit have.

Overall, these are really nice arm warmers that most cyclists would be glad to own.

Zefal Adventure Frame Bag

Zefal Adventure Frame Bag

That's handy
Buy now for £34 from Balfe's Bikes
Very easy to fit
Big zip makes for easy access
Top-mounted zip
Great price
Can bulge if overfilled
Velcro straps are slightly too long

Not every rider is going to use something like the Zefal C2 Adventure frame bag, but it provides ample storage for longer rides and is a great addition for a big day on the bike. It's water-resistant, has a water-repellent zip and it's good value.

At 2.2 litres, this frame bag is at the smaller end of the spectrum, but that’s a plus point for many riders who don’t want a huge capacity.

It isn’t fully waterproof, but the quality and price make it a good choice for someone who wants a small bag for bikepacking or just a little extra storage for day-to-day riding.

Pro Cycling Trumps Customised Trump Card print

Pro Cycling Trumps Customised Trump Card print

Custom wall art
Buy now for £39 from Pro Cycling Trumps

Is this the ultimate wall art for a man/woman cave? We certainly think it’s up there. For £47 you too can have a personalised print in a variety of styles with the gift recipient’s name at the top. There’s this Top-Trumps-style stats card, for example, and one for sprinters, time trialists and cyclocross riders.

You can choose from sizes A4 up to A2, depending on the space on the wall.

Altura Tempo

Altura Tempo Seamless Short Sleeve Baselayer

On-the-bike practicality
Buy now for £40 from Altura
Great close fit for maximum wicking
Soft against the skin
Fewer seams than many tops
Seamless apart from the seams

The Altura Tempo Seamless Short Sleeve Baselayer feels great and is highly breathable.

When Altura says ‘seamless’ what it means is that the torso is one single, seamless section. It's 3D knitted as a tube rather than using separate front, rear and side panels. This helps with comfort, as does the softness of the fabric used.

The Tempo offers a close fit thanks to plenty of inherent stretch, and the wicking really is impressive.

Okay, this short-sleeve model is best for the warmer weather and indoor training, but Altura's Tempo baselayer is also available in a long-sleeve version (£50). 

Magicshine Seemee 200

Magicshine Seemee 200 Version 2

Clever gadget with loads of visibility
Buy now for £39.99 from Magicshine
Bright but sensible output
Tracing lens gives 360° 'floodlight'
Good weatherproofing
Sensible run-times
Quick charging
Though considerably improved, the 'braking' function will still dent run-times

The Magicshine SeeMee 200 V2 is a bright rear light with a braking function, and it looks smart enough to make a cool present.

It offers two constant, two flashing and the smart mode (day and night). Sensors detect ambient light – so output is automatically tuned to suit the conditions – and motion/deceleration for the braking function. The light becomes progressively more intense to denote slowing down more obviously.

As well as the main light, the Seemee 200 has a 60-lumen ‘tracing’ lens that projects a 360-degree floodlit arc on the road surface to provide greater presence.

All in all, this diddy rear light offers a lot for the money. It’s a winner.

Spatz Burnr 4 Season leg warmers

Spatz Burnr 4 Season leg warmers

Year-round practicality
Buy now for £49.99 from Spatz
Dry weather warmth
Long in the leg
No water repellency

Leg warmers might not be the most glamorous of gifts but they’re super-practical and these ones from Spatz put in a top performance.

They’re incredibly warm and superbly comfortable thanks to a seamless construction and lack of zips. Reviewer Jamie Williams found that they stayed exactly where they should without feeling restrictive.

You don’t get water repellency here, but for cool or cold riding in dry conditions, these are the business.

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