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The news you have been waiting for is confirmed...

Those of you with the patience needed to be a long term reader of this blog (!!!) will remember me spending the month of July being obsessed with Dutch rider Albert "Legend" Timmer after spending a day at the Tour de France amongst his flock of supporters.

He also got into a couple of breaks during the latter stages of the Tour and was part of the winning move on Mont Ventoux.

Despite not replying to the email I sent to his personal website, my love of the "Legend" has grown, he may even have replaced Tony Gibb in my affections. So it is with great joy that I can break the exclusive news (exclusive that is unless you read the teams website!!!) that Skil-Shimano have extended the great mans contract and Timmer will be with the team in funny diagonally striped kits for the 2010 season.

Congratulations Timmer, I just hope (going back to a previous blog) that your mob get one of the wildcards so we can see you causing merry hell on the roads of France next summer.

Let's see if Tony and Dave invest in the rights for a photo of him to accompany my post...  1

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Tony Farrelly | 14 years ago

Better still, we found a free one!  1

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