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TRAT 2010 - Assos & Olbas


Tomorrow (13 February) was a big day in the build-up to this year’s Race Against Time. The 15 riders were going to meet for the first time and cycle together around a 65-mile loop near Guildford.

I was really looking forward to meeting my fellow LEJOGers, comparing notes on the training and fund-raising challenges we all face and learning something about riding in a group – something I’ve got very little experience of. 

But then two days ago a dense soup of wintry snot filled my head, my energy disappeared, my muscles started to ache and the prospect of cycling anywhere suddenly seemed about as appealing as a Valentine’s Day date with Baroness Thatcher. 

I was shaping up to send a regretful email to the others when one arrived from the organisers saying that the training ride has been cancelled because of the continuing cold weather and risk of ice. Now our first meeting will be a 100-miler on 6 March. 

Ultimately all is well I suppose, but it’s still a bit of a disappointment – especially as I’d bitten the bullet during the week and bought an eye-wateringly expensive pair of Assos shorts that were going to get their first outing tomorrow. 


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