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Have a break...(it's holiday season)

That's all folks, that is my 2010 season boxed up and put on top of the wardrobe never to see the light of day again.

I am now in the process of 2 weeks off the bike (with a bit of exercise coming from light jogging) and taking the chance to rest both legs and mind.

2010 has been a bit mad. I have tried to do a lot of cycling around our wedding and honeymoon. Fit in a couple of sportives around a change of job and selling the house, and training around the family illness and the loss of a much loved pet...


...and I am completely worn out.

The alcohol ban is over for a period and I am loving getting the taste of cider and ale back on my tongue.

It's so nice to be relaxing and taking things easy, but I know that by this time next week I will be pining outside the shed to get the single speed back out and get on the roads.

But I will stand tough, you can do yourself a lot of good by having a break you know...



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