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Equipment checklist for patriotic cyclists


Here's an interesting piece from that interweb thingy – a tongue in cheeck (I presume) call for US cyclists to help kickstart the US economy… by buying stuff.

To help the process a handy equipment checklist is provided so that you buy the right sort of equipment to fit in with what your image of your cycling self.

The categories are broken down into Newbie (don't know why, but for some irrational reason I hate that word), Intermediate, Expert, Old School, Racer, Long distance, Commute, and Touring. Sorry fixed and singlespeed riders – there's no category for you, but then this piece was written by a guy in Denver… so maybe there aren't so many fixed and singlespeeders about, or maybe there's no point in you guys and girls trying to help kickstart the economy cos your bike are so unpatriotically simple.

The checklist is well worth a look and sure to promote some debate: steel frames aren't for experts apparently; flat bars are for newbies only; and carbon bars are for intermediate, distance, touring and commuting riders.


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