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It had to happen: carbon-fibre chain catcher from Sigma Sport

Just the thing for the off-season: the one component that still weighed down your bike with needlessly hefty aluminium

Soaked and frozen winter cyclists returning from slippery and muddy Saturday rides all over the country, bathing and slathering hot embrocation on aching knees in readiness for more of the same in the morning wil surely rejoice to hear that the ultimate technological barrier has been finally surmounted. Yes, chain catchers that hitherto had to do their work weighed down with literally several grams of excess weight contained in their aluminium construction can now be displayed alongside the other vital carbon-fibre innovations on the modern bicycle.

We feel a sense of authority here. after all posted undoubtedly the definitive guide to chain catchers from Eurobike where manufacturers had risen to the challenge presented at the Tour De France 2010 and the notorious 'Chaingate' incident featuring Andy Schleck's forfeited 8 seconds on the Port de Balès.

It's an indication of the technological challenge presented in producing a cutting-edge carbon chain catcher that a full year and five months have elapsed since July 2010 and Andy's poor unshipped and jammed chain. But engineers are like that; no obstacle can stand in the way when progress is at stake.

Retailers Sigma Sport in Surrey have the first supplies. Currently attention is focused on mounting the first unit so details like price will have to wait. Stand by though.

UPDATE: We now know the price will be £19.99 which doesn't seem so bad.


Tidy: here it is installed

...and from above. All the better now we know it will cost £19.99



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