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In defence of the Fens!

Someone over on an alternative forum (I know I shouldn't be viewing them!) has taken me to task over my praise of this weekends "Flat out in the Fens" sportive organised by Kilotogo.

I made the mistake of saying that this tough warm flat and fast event was a good event and should be repeated.

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but I am here to stand up for the fens and those of us who live and work here (and also cycle and train here).

For me it was a great experience (regular readers of my blog will know I love that word!!) to ride on local roads, the terrain I know well.

I am sure for the other riders it was nice to do something different and be able to see the vanishing point on the horizon as they ride.

And despite not being the "Cat and Fiddle" or "Kirkstone Pass", you still need to be a tough rider to prosper on these bumpy little tracks and wide open droves.

The wind is enough to knock you off and I reckon a Drove or two in a cross or head wind is as good a workout as climbing a medium gradient hill.

This is some footage from Easter 2008 I shot with my mobile phone.

I think it is different to the norm of climbing hills and that is why people belittle it.

Ask most people who rattled round the fens and nearly 19mph average on Sunday how easy it was though!

So I am here to use my column to ask that you give the fens a try before deciding they aren't for you.

It is a different sort of cycling for sure, but how many hills are in Paris Roubaix?

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