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A leap into the unknown

After nigh on two decades in the same club colours, James is pushing the envelope

So after months of soul searching and plenty of discussion, my move is made and I am now part of a different cycling club. 


I have had spells away from Fenland Clarion before, but they were geographical neccessities as opposed to anything sinister. 


This parting of the ways is pretty much the same thing. 


My new club, St Ives, runs their weekly ten a 6 mile ride from my front door. The ideal warm up. This will save much rushing to get home, brief hello with the wife and kid(s) before packing the car, braving the A1 and then building up my bike, signing on... you get the picture. 


With a young family I accept that the limit of my ambitions should be the weekly club 10. I don't accept that means I shouldn't train as hard as I can and race harder than I can imagine. 


That's just me, I suppose. 


With the amount of politics surrounding club cycling in the UK, I am glad to be moving for a real genuine lifestyle reason as opposed to having fallen out with someone. I just can't wait to get my kit delivered and get started now, despite some obvious nerves. 





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