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Kinesis UK Wildwood Gravelcross

Kinesis UK Wildwood Gravelcross
Event info
Sun 10/02/2019, 08:30

The Kinesis UK Wildwood Gravelcross: Ride the original CX Sportive event!

Way back in about 2008, we noticed a change in the way people were riding. Cyclocross bikes were taking on duties away from the race circuit; for commuting, general riding and out in the hills for fun! We got hooked and an idea formed. In 2010, we put no the first Wildwood CX, and CX Sportive was born! Soon after, specialist gravel bikes started to appear form the states, the Kinesis Tripster ATR took the concept to a new level, and the rest is history in the making!

The Kinesis UK Wildwood is the heart and soul of our whole Gravelcross concept; an event for the pace and ride anything attitude of of a new style of riding. Defying definition, the route changes constantly; dirt, tarmac, grass, gravel and hardpack, keeping it varied and keeping you on the ball. Every part of the course is chosen to keep you moving and keep you pumped; no backing off, no bogging down, even in the depths of winter! This is the ride that defined our whole ethos; it’ll redefine the way you think about your riding too!

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