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The SSIT Big Bike Challenge

Event info
Sat 22/06/2019, 05:00


1. 200 Miles – starting at 5am
2. 118 Miles – starting at 8:30am
3. 60 miles – starting at 10am

All three distances will start and end in Salisbury at the 5 Rivers Leisure Centre.

The 200 mile route offers cyclists an ability to take place in an “ultra-event” – the ride is supported and guided by Salisbury Road and Mountain Cycle Club. SSIT will, as in previous years, provide breakfast, lunch and supper as well as two further breaks. The ride has an enviable reputation and a genuine ultimate challenge.

The 118 mile route, while still challenging, offers cyclists the opportunity to take part in a slightly less onerous ride. Supported by Wheels in Wheels, and using much of the route that the 200 mile event will be using. Riders will be given lunch by SSIT and two further water and support stops.

The 60 mile route will offer less experienced riders the opportunity to ride in a peleton and to experience the atmosphere of a non-competitive charity ride. Hand cyclists are most welcome and route profiles can be viewed the link below.

This is not a race the aim is for all riders to enjoy themselves.

Through sponsorship raised from the 2018 Big Bike Challenge enabled SSIT to support a number of individuals living in the region with hand bikes & other specialist equipment, which was a fantastic achievement.

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