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North Hants CTC Audaxs

Event info
Sat 07/07/2012, 09:00

A range of three different distance are available for this audax event run by the CTC Northants & M K.

  • 100km
  • 150km
  • 200km


Start:Oundle , Northants
Entry Fee: £4.50

Organiser:Richard Daniells

Body:CTC Northants & M K

6 Matson Close
NN14 6AY

What is an Audax?


Audax UK Events are open to all cyclists. They are organised by cycling clubs, CTC local groups or individuals, to AUK regulations, which are based on those devised by Audax Club Parisien. For details of the conduct of events see the Ride Regulations pages.
Calendared events are touring rides and as such require no special training if you already cycle regularly. If you are new to cycling, check out the Preparation for a Randonnée and start with some of the shorter Brevets Populaires (BP). Likewise, if you are unused to hill climbing, avoid events with the higher Audax Altitude Award (AAA) ratings at first.
On the day

Arrive in good time for the event, in order to locate the start and collect your card. Facilities vary and you could face a draughty piece of waste ground, or a convenient café, or a hired sports hall with refreshments provided by the organiser.
On the ride

You may cycle in a group or on your own. You must visit control points: service stations, cafes, pubs or hired facilities, and obtain a signature, time and ink stamp on your card. If instead you collect till receipts, make sure that they are securely fastened to your card and numbered, with each control box numbered appropriately. Sometimes you may have to record information at an Info Control so you need to carry a pencil or pen.
At the finish

Ensure your card is fully filled in, sign it and leave it with the controller (for DIY and some X-rated Calendar events and all Permanents, post your card to the organiser). Your card will be returned, after it has been checked and recorded, with your brevet number appended.

Any type of cycle can be ridden provided that it is fitted with lights when the event encompasses the hours of darkness. Note that flashing lights are not suitable for group riding and some organisers require mudguards (denoted by M in the calendar entry). You should able to carry safely sufficient equipment for an independent ride - tool kit, spares, cash, waterproof, bonk rations, drink, map.

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