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Matt's blog 2 - Dipping into training

I speak to our own Dave about riding long distances and what to expect from a century

Hello again and welcome to this second instalment of my blog as I build towards the Velo South Sportive. If you missed the first one then you can find that here.

It's been a month since I received my Sportive Racing from the people at Ribble and started on training with an actual goal in mind. I have to admit, it's a new experience for me. Never before have I ever ridden a bike with any sort of target, normally my weekend jaunts extend as far as seeing a hill and charging up it like I'm some overexcited puppy.

So far it has been a nice change and knowing I have this date looming in the distance is great for giving me the motivation to get out on the bike, although the weather has helped too.

Anyway, this blog is a conversation with Dave about how to ride long distances, feeding and pacing. Those of you reading this that have also read his blog on his 600km Audax won't fail to see the irony here. If you haven't read his blog then do so here and you too can have a little chuckle at his expense.  

Check out the video and let me know if there is anything you want me to cover, think of me as your own personal Guinea Pig. I'm off to get back on the bike, then inevitable pro contract coming off the back of this sportive isn't going to earn itself.

Once again thanks to Ribble for supplying me with a bike for the event 

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