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Built in Britain: Behind the scenes at Pacenti Cycle Design

Thanks to Muc-Off, we've put together a series of vids to celebrate the custom bike that our lucky raffle winner will be presented with. Our second stop is Pacenti Cycle Design

As you may already know if you've been following our Built in Britain series with Muc-Off, back in May we raffled what is going to be one very special bike! A frame built by Rourke, painted by Gun Control Paint and rolling on wheels from Pacenti Cycle Design, our raffle winner has been chosen and £3,764 was raised for the mental health charity CALM. Before we reveal the dream bike we're paying a visit to the great British brands involves in the project - this week it's Pacenti Cycle Design

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Built in Britain Pacenti Cycle Design screenshot 2

In the video we're talking to Luke Humphreys, the owner of Pacenti Cycle Design, about the craft, skill and understanding that goes in to building the best bicycle wheels possible.

"We don't have the perfect wheel, we don't build perfection. It doesn't exist", Luke explains. 

"All we can do is make it better, so we've built a lot of rigs in-house that help us understand what's happening in each wheel better and better. 

"By understanding every aspect and every component of each wheel, we can build a better wheel. We still believe we can built better wheels every time we build them. every time we make an improvement, every time we change the spoke length by a millimetre. 

Built in Britain Pacenti Cycle Design screenshot 1

"One of our strong beliefs is that a wheel should last and perform. 

"In a cycling sense the British climate gives products hell! It puts products through their paces, we can wear bearings out like no one else. It's wet, sandy. gritty, we salt the roads; our poor bicycles take a lot of abuse here in the UK. 

"Building products to last here in the UK is probably a testament to their quality. Some of the bikes I've ridden that are the best were built by hand here in the UK."

Built in Britain Pacenti screenshot 3

Being Devon-based, Luke explains the brand's relationship with its neighbours Muc-Off: 

"We're well aware of what they've been up to for years, a solid British company. 

"We're both international companies working from humble beginnings. It's great a company like that who have now made it big get involved in projects like this, showcasing quality British built product. Giving people an opportunity to have an insight into that is really important." 

Check back for the next video in our Built In Britain series this weekend over on our YouTube channel

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