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1x on new bike


I am designing the new bike (custom frame) and among many things I am evaluating the 1x

I ask, obviously only to ... 1x-ers, an opinion on my idea: I come from a very classic 50/34 - 11/28, with which I go everywhere. I reasoned that from the hypothetical 22 gears, if I exclude the extreme intersections (50 / 28-25 and 34 / 11-12), the ratios become 18, if I then exclude those with the same or very similar metric development I still exclude 3, and we are at 15 useful gears. Of which I use a lot  about ten and the others are in less cases (example, 34-28 on extreme slopes or 50 / 11-12 if I really want to push downhill).

After various reasoning and thousand calculations, I came to the conclusion that with a 44 chainring combined with the 12v sram 10-36 cassette I would get practically the same gears ratio and range as the current bike.

Would you make the same choice as me? or would you change something? suggestions dictated by your experience?

For info: I do not compete, I am not an agonist, I like to travel and good pace, ride long dintances and climbs, to enjoy the beauty of cycling but without any worries about performance or times (I hate strava devil )


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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