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Vuelta Ciclista de San Juan - Stage 5 - Forum Game

Well, I wish I had thought of this earlier!  1 Unless someone offers to run this as a race on the game platform, I thought we'd have the 1st Forum Game Competition of the Season.

This game would only cover Stage 5 of the Vuelta de San Juan. The stage is the only Summit Finish of the race. The rules are arbitrarily simple:

Riders will score points if they place in the Top 35 places for the day. The winner gets 35 points. The subsequent riders will receive points (34, 33, 32, ...) until rider No. 35, who will get 1 point.

I thought it would be more exciting if you couldn't pick Nibali, Mollema or Cunego for your team, so I picked my team without any of them. It's probably a headache, though, so, to make it easier, feel free to pick Cunego if you want.   1

No budget is set. You can pick up to 6 riders (except Nibali and Mollema!).

After very little research I have posted my team below!  1

I'm too lazy to take a run at the Time Trial Stage! But it might be fun to try it.  1

Deadline is the actual Race Start, whenever that is!  1 I'll post it later! Thanks!  1

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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