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Purist side of the game

Just wondered what peoples thoughts were on the selection of a team for the whole race such as the TdF with regards to whether the budget actually matters? (This is my own question and not a potential game idea)

For example if no budget was in place i think it would enhance that side of the game for such a long event as the TdF. Basically im looking at possibly 3 positions in my team which I would want a different more expensive rider, and maybe 5 changes overall, but how it would be played tactically bears little significance to the budget when picking just 9 riders for a whole race, when such a dearth of talent is available and so many types of stages are trying to be complemented over such a small selection of riders.

I actually think teams would be more diverse, as it would open up more strategy options for that side of the game

(Once the race starts I will post what my team would have been without a budget)

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