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What I Wear While Cycling

  A lot of people may think it is not so necessary for choosing the right cycling wear. And just because of their carelessness (or do not care attidtude they may take a casual outfit as a cycling gear or something just like that) a lot people get hurt while cycling. Sometimes to get the lesson by getting hurt or injury is not a good selection. How about I tell you my experience about what I wear while cycling and let this be a guide. Cause that would be bargain compared with getting hurt and then draw lessons from that! My cycling clothing, after reading this make sure next time when you are about to cycle do not get yourself hurt. Just enjoy the pleasure the cycling brings to you!

  Cycling wear or as we usually say cycling clothing. We mainly point to the cycling jacket, cycling underwear and cycling shorts. The reasons why they are different from the other clothes is because these clothes have specific function so the features they have are also different. I am going to show you some differences and unique features that the cycling apparel has and let you know why you should pick the right clothing while cycling.

  Cycling jacket, the cycling jacket usually have these features that the casual jacket does not have. Such as waterproof and windproof these shiny points could make the cycling jacket always keep dry and comfortable even in a moisture or rainy situation. Casual jacket looks more fashion and stylish but few of them have waterproof and windproof features. What's more the cycling jacket usually have some high-visibility stripes to remind the car drivers in the evening or a darker area. But for the casual jacket they do not have the stripes or even thought they have stripes but definitely not the high-visibility.

  Cycling underwear, this kind of underwear you know is so different from the casual jacket as we usually wear. First the main material we use is SPANDEX and POLYESTER for the cycling underwear cause this could provide a better elasticity and it is hard to get deformation. Due to its superb feature the cycling underwear could always attach to your skin so perfectly and make you feel you wear nothing. Then the cycling underwear has a wider waistband than the casual underwear this could help you to reduce the uncomfortable feeling and you will not feel your waist is being restricted after a very long distance cycling. The cycling underwear also has a pad sewn at the crotch area. The unique design of silicone gel could absorb the shock and sweat efficiently and always keep your hips dry and comfortable. The fabric we use is mesh clothing which offers a fabulous breathability. Moisture could never soak into it. But for the casual underwear the raw material we use is cotton and without elasticity. No pad sewn in it and without drawstring to pull up your underwear. (NOTE: All we discuss is for the men's cycling underwear, for the womens they are too much alike the casual underwear so we will not talk about in here).

  Cycling baggy shorts, on the Internet we'd like to call this cycling shorts, sometimes we also use this cycling shorts as our casual shorts cause not only is it very stylish and fashion but also have more features than the common casual shorts. This cycling shorts also have waterproof and breathability. The ratings of waterproof is 10000 which means it could resist pouring rain for a time but not very long. The breathability is also very fabulous cause we have two pieces of mesh cloth on the inner side of the legs which provides a fresh breeze all the time while cycling and always keep your shorts dry and comfortable. Zippered pockets are also another shiny spot, which keep your belongins so safe.

  No matter men's cycling shorts sale or any other cycling products sale big promotion is always we guaranteed!

  Choosing cycling clothing is vital. More fun and less accident during cycling next time! Explore the nature where you never been to!

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