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No points fo stage 8

I don't appear to have any points for Stage 8 - this might be correct but there isn't an entry saying zero.

I was changing my team right up to the deadline - is it possible that I didn't have a team for this stage?  20

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dave atkinson | 13 years ago

the database records your full team at the point of each change, ie the new team after the transfer. so if you already had a full team you shouldn't ever get left out. but it you were picking your team for the first time, you may have missed out.

Tony Farrelly | 13 years ago

Hmm… so was I right up until the very last minute - in fact I didn't get all the riders in that I wanted, but I did have a full team. I'm sure Dave will have a look in the database tomorrow and confirm but as far as I understand it the database takes a snapshot of your team at the point the transfer window closes for the first stage anyway. It could be that you were mid-change when the window closed so that when the database took it's snapshot you were a rider short or that as your team was at that point over-budget in which case it would also not have counted.

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