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Blended Vision Laser Eye Surgery - anyone had it?

I’m asking this question in a large forum for a friend (as opposed to on my FB page etc) to get some feedback and a bit more of a 'cyclists' take on it (and hopefully find riders who've had it done). I have previously had my eyes lasered so find this quite an interesting subject I'm likely to need to revisit/understand in future too. But back to my friends questions:

Blended vision laser eye surgery:  10 years ago, I had very successful laser eye surgery that  transformed me from a heavily myopic -6 to enjoying near 20:20 vision. Now, being older, my sight is erring again on the myopic side. The solution? Wear glasses or contact lenses for far-away stuff/driving… OR, I can get blended laser eye surgery that effectively means one of my eyes is adjusted for farsightedness and the other for close work. Your brain compensates for the discrepancy and in the end, your vision is improved/corrected.

Have you had blended laser eye surgery or do you know anyone who’s had it done? Was it successful? I’m not at all afraid of having more laser eye surgery (in fact it was less painful and less stressful than having a filling). It’s just that if it didn’t work very well, then I may have to resort to wearing contacts or glasses but I prefer not to have to wear them. Thank you.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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