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Chainline on a 1x Set-Up

Be grateful for views and experience. I am building my own bike, first time but I have done extensive research    . I am going for a 1 x 11 set-up and it is for use as a road / gravel / firm off-road bike, so the tyres will be approx between 30 to 35mm. My question is how important is it to get the 'perfect' chainline given that: a) there is only one drive chain and skinny tyres so little chance of chainrub, and b) modern chains are a lot more flexible. I am not saying I will be lining up with cogs 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 or 11. But if the line was somewhere between, say, cogs 4 to 7 would that be OK? Or do I really need to be aiming for the perfect line between drivetrain and 5.5 on the cassette?
Thanks all

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