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Do's and Don'ts if considering to appeal a decision?

In a recent video, some club members of 'Swindon Wheelers' were knocked off their bikes and one assaulted - the driver only received a caution!
Suggestions were "Definitely appeal", "write to the duty inspector" and "report this to the local police crime commissioner".
In another article, advice was "Don't bother with the letter to the inspector, go straight to the independent complaints body"

Is there a preferred method when appealing, a sort of 'best practices' to help achieve a positive result?
Any experience/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Edit, 15/9/21 10:50am: Sorry if I was unclear, I meant, in general is there a particular order of contacting the various parties. I am not currently appealing a case, but was curious about the different suggestions. Thank you for the replies so far  1

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