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Front Derailleur Rubbing (Shimano 105 R7000)

I recently bought a Specialized Tarmac SL6 with 105. Very happy apart from one annoyance; the 105 R7000 front derailleur rubs on the chain.

I own 2 other road bikes with older 105 and both allow me to ride with the big front chainring and get the complete range of the cassette with no rubbing, but with the new R7000 it seems I can adjust the cage so that with big front chainring I get no rubbing on the 2 largest cassette rings or the 2 smallest cassette rings but not rub-free at both ends at the same time. The cassette is 11-30, and the rear derailleur is long cage version.

I know when I'm in the big cassette and big chainring I'm cross-chaining, but that doesn't seem to be a problem on my other bikes and I'm used to riding this way on short / shallow hills, where I prefer not to keep shifting to the small chainring.

I'm tempted to bend the cage out slightly to eliminate the rub, but that's probably not recommended!

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