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Health thoughts - stamina gone

Not looking for medical advice but just wondering if my current situation sounds familiar to anyone and if so what they did about it.

Had a cracking winter Jan-Mar on the turbo, boosting my ftp and now its all gone to pot.

Have had a mild tickly cough for the last 2-3 weeks (Covid negative through 3 tests) and it seems to have completely impacted my stamina.  I just cant sustain even ftp level output for more than 5 mins, whereas in Mar I could do it for nearer an hour, and PR the Alpe in the following hour. 

Dont cough much on the bike but after the session have a tickle for the rest of the day.  Also not getting the usual satisfied endorphin rush post bike ride. Last real world ride I was playing tail end charlie up every hill which is unusual.

I've tried resting and bikeless for a week.   Had a much better session yesterday about 95% of good, and buzzin when I finished but less again good today.  I have very little to take to the GP with - especially in these times - so a bit stumped for options and its sucking the joy out of biking.

Not sure what to next

  • Keep plugging away?
  • More rest?
  • Just ride for fun and stop stressing?

Any thoughts greatly received.

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