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Help selecting lowest gearing possible using sram red or similar

Hi. I had cancer 6 years ago and have never really recovered my fitness levels and its quite possible , i never will. Ive lost my right eye as a result and feel quite nervous when cycling on roads these days , as i cant see behind me so well anymore when making a manoeuvre. Having said that, I still want to ride my bike and feel i deserve spoiling myself by getting the sram etap electric groupset , but as my fitness has gone, I would like to ask what is the very lowest gear ratio i could fit to my bike using sram . I currently have a shimano ultegra triple chainset fitted , but would like to change to a compact or subcompact version with a large rear cassette, so that the ratios i get would be as good ( or even better) than with my triple. In the past, I have cycled up Alpe Duez twice, Les Duez Alpe, Col de Galibier , Mont Vontuex and many other big mountains in France and Italy and while i think those days are over, I would still like to spoil myself with an excellent quality groupset, My Merlin Titanium frame is brilliant and light, but is not really ssusitable for a shimano D12 system without having cables clipped all over the place, whereas with the sram, as the battery is mounted on the components, I would not have untidy wring as I would have with the shimano set up. So any advice on the lowest gear ratios I could hopefully achieve would be much appreciated. Many thanks . Jimmymerlin

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