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Know of someone who's packed in UK road cycling due to safety concerns?

Have a mate who is part of our wider cycling gang; he's taken early retirement and heard he was really frustrated with the Covid restrictions as he has a small holiday flat in Germany and can't pursue his various plans.  My comment was why hadn't he gone out on some long rides etc; then I was told he'd stopped, because he was sick of UK roads (safety), and was just going to cycle when he's out in Germany (which he always raves about).  I was initially bemused but then, having almost being totalled on 2 rides recently (oncoming driver speeding on a lane and another speeding/not paying attention whilst I was trying to turn right off an A road; I've really lost my nerve when trying that manoeuvre), I kind of sympathised.  Realised that pre-WFH etc a lot of my miles were commuting on the Bristol/Bath bike path and quiet urban roads, so I was probably slightly cossetted.  I generally steer clear of A roads but, mid-week especially, the roads are like the wild-west post lockdown.  Apart from group rides I've now got front/back cameras so I could hardly criticise my mate for just being aware of his own mortality.

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