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New bike suggestions : Update my Focus Izalco Team SL

TL;DR - I've got a 7.2kg rim braked bike wit mechanical gears and am investigating disc braked aero options, preferably electronic. What you got?

I have a very nice 2014 Focus Izalco Team SL with mechanical DuraAce 9000 groupset, rim brakes, 52/36 on a 30 cassette and wheels upgraded to pretty light 50mm deep sections tubleless on Gp5000 28s.  It's about 7.3kg all in with pedals, cages, mounts etc, which is good for a Large frame.

I am wondering how much more I'll enjoy a modern bike.  I want discs for better braking, wider internal rims and bigger tyres. Ideally I'd electronic gears. I rode DI2 at the press launch in 2009 and have lusted after a self trimming front mech ever since!  Aero gains are a bonus but I don't want a full "blade".  A lower gear would be nice for when I overdo it and need to get home!  Mech won't take a cassette larger than 30.

I tend to ride shorter faster rides on fairly hilly routes and like a good climb as a test.  We're talking 20-35 miles mostly, sometimes up to 50 miles and climbs in the Peaks and Dales like Winnats or Malham Cove.  I average around 18mph round a typical Dales loop and like the feeling of speed, especially on swooping lanes and downhills, over outright climbing speed. I'd like to aim for some longer rides too.

Max budget is £5k, depending on how much I get for my Focus.

Bikes that have caught my eye;

I could keep the Focus and put a compact chainset on, and a ligher seatpost with a bit of compliance. Cheapest option but only maginal gearing change and doesn't help the braking, tyre clearance or aero.

Ribble Endurance SL / SLR - head says SL/105 is enough but heart wants SLR/Ultegra with a wheel upgrade. Reported supply issues / delays put me off.

Tarmac SL7 Comp - a good bit heavier than my Focus and fairly stiff so not sure how comfy it'll be in comparrison. I've never used SRAM on road, not a fan on MTB but shifting sounds really intiutitve and the low gear of 35/36 would be good!  It's in stock (for now)

Focus Izalco Max 8.9 - not electronic and I'm not a fan of green but it ticks a good few boxes and I have enjoyed my Focus.

Canyon Ultimate CF - availability unknown.

Not a Giant. Not really a fan of Trek either. Don't know why.

Thanks for reading. Any opinions, or anything else to consider?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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