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Providing Video for Close Pass Reporting

Close passes are like buses. Having fitted a Chilli Tech bullet cam for recording bad driving, I have accumulated a plethora of close passes this morning.

The forms for Devon & Cornwall Police Operation Snap seem to be quite straightforward to complete. Now I've got to upload the footage. Their form states that they want at least 2 minutes before and after the incident.

My camera records 5 minute files and the first incident I'm working on occurs at 3:47. So to reduce size I would like to cut off the first minute from this video and also take just the first minute of the next video (I assume it won't be necessary to join the 2 videos together because they want the footage in its original format and unedited).

Is there any free software (for Windows 10) that I can use to do this (perhaps Windows 10 already includes such a facility)?



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