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I've not been able to ride an upright bike for 5or6 years now, so I ride Recumbent trikes. On April 16th I was hit by a car. I was riding South a long strait road with the traffic tailed back a long way in the lane to the right from a T junction with traffic lights controling the flow.

I was going a long in a merry way the next thing I knew I was lying in the road with the trike on top of me. The car pulled out of a junction on my right. While I was still lying on the ground the driver came over and blamed me for gettig in his way.

I'm a member of Cycling UK, So thought all would be Okay, how wrong was I. It even came down to me having to gather evidence from the Police to fined CCTV footage which shows the driver was to blame. Theres still no end in sight, which should have been a straightforward case.


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