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Stats on cycling on segregated infra vs on road

Sorry  guys.

A second information request in one day.

Do we have stats for the fraction of cycling in the UK done on-road vs the fraction done on separate cycling infra? Ditto for NL.

I'm after an indication as to how much less motor vehicle/bicycle conflict there is in NL compared to the UK, as a fraction of cycling, and that looks like one possible measure.



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Daveyraveygravey | 1 year ago

I'm not sure how you would measure it accurately?  I live in rural Sussex, rarely come across traffic lights never mind traffic jams.  I never report any of the close passes and other lousy manoeuvres drivers make on me, and I reckon there's one every 15 minutes or so.

mattw replied to Daveyraveygravey | 1 year ago

I think I would look for something like total miles on segregated ie protected tracks by bike vs total miles on roads by bike as a ratio or fraction of total.

A vehicle count on the same basis would get close.

Then compare NL vs UK vs DE vs FR vs SW (say).

A similar number for large cities might also be useful.

As I say, I'm trying to find a measure of intermodal conflict, based on the reasonable (I think so) assumption that segregated infrastructure, including segregated physically or in time (eg signalled) at junctions and conflict points, reduces it.


mattw replied to Tom_77 | 1 year ago

Tom_77 wrote:

Stats for the UK are here -

This chart is from

Thank-you Tom, that's useful.

I wonder if this is another one where not many countries gather stats, and then only occasionally !

One weakness I can perhaps see with that diagram is that it does not distinguish between leisure cycling and transport cycling - so between say Monsal Trail and cycling to the shops in Matlock. They do however seem to distinguish between on road / off road.

Looking at the National Travel Survey (which is annual), there is a bit more information. Here is the most relevant page Active Travel for the 2021 edition:

And here is the "trips by age, sex and purose one":

And here is the front page with the index of docs:



mattw | 1 year ago

Soddit. Can't edit a thread header (I think).

I have had a bit of a dig around, and I can't find anything so far.

IanMSpencer replied to mattw | 1 year ago

You can. It doesn't leap out, but above the header there is a tab for edit if you are signed in as the author. 

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