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Steel frame repair/replacement.

Hello fellow crash test dummies.
Today I was hit by a driver who didn't see me on a roundabout. My beloved Chas Roberts that I bought new in 1985 was severely bent at the rear triangle. I thought 'how will I be able to replace the frame?'.
Chas went on a sabbatical years back and I guess he is retired now. It is likely that the frame was built by Winston Vaz, but I feel like I want to replace it with a 'branded' frame. So I thought that I would have to go to a skilled craftsman who is still building custom frames. Brian Rourke came to mind. Looking on his website, they list a road frame built either in 853 or 953. My Roberts was Columbus SL.
I suppose the questions that I want to ask are: have any of you found yourself in a similar unfortunate situation?
What current frame builders would you be able to recommend?
Assuming the driver's insurance do not dispute liability, am I correct to assume that they will replace my frame, wheelset and other damaged items on a like for like basis?

Some friends have suggested having the rear triangle replaced, but to my mind the bike would never be quite the same.

Looking forward to reading any replies over a cup of tea and a handful of ibuprofen.


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