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Those ‘ice on the windows’ tweets

Never did you any harm... right.  And your point is..?  You’ve got central heating and double glazing now, right? At your age, you’ll need them.  (Where is the bullet-hole 'plane when you need it?)

So those gaps between school, telly, an occasional family game, a handful of chores and bed were often filled by being able to play outside safely. I remember being bored (winter Sundays).  But I remember taking myself off by bike to various local parks to meet up with other kids.  


I don’t remember having any problems with cars: once rush hour was over, it went pretty quiet. Once there was a man buying kids ice lollies - my mum went ballistic over that. Some bigger kids took my bike (a mini Moulton) once and I think she got involved in that too. 


That seems like a big chunk of what is missing in children’s lives today - spontaneous, unsupervised outdoor play.  The ice on the windows cos players don’t mention that one.  Something seemed to shift on this in the late 1980s.

As a 1970s kid, I don’t remember being cold, nor for that matter hungry.  You noticed the difference when leaving the warmth of the front room, with its telly and firmly shut door. 

There were weekend outings, almost always a picnic, or a visit to family and rarely to anything with steep admission charges, unless it was steam train tickets.  I still sense having been an outsider to many things in the past now as I show my National Trust membership card at the door. 


Holidays were a week at holiday camp, maybe a b&b or a chalet. The only foreign holidays were day trips to Calais or Boulogne and once, a few days on the Isle of Man. 


As a new homeowner in my 20s, the gas and electric bill were among the least of my worries.  Interest rates dropped past the 10% mark in the early 1990s and inflation to below 5% - with a 95% mortgage, interest rates were my main concern at the time. 


Back pain has stopped play for me - those are my musings, what are yours?

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