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Tubeless Enve tyre rolls off Roval rim at 45kmh-Venge written off-thoughts?

Running (Specialized) RovalCL50 wheels with Enve SES TLR 25 tyres (75psi front). Last Sunday I hit a series of small potholes through Epsom, (I'd say I've straight-lined worse in the past with no worries), front went bang (tyre didn't puncture though) and I went down hard. 

When I picked up the bike the front tyre was inside out. This tyre's done 4.5k, is in roadworthy condition, no repairs/tyre boots/plugs. New sealant and inspected recently. The Enve tyre and Roval rim combination makes fitting fairly easy using a single lever or even just strong thumbs and a good push.  Maybe that's a red flag but hearing horror stories about tricky GP5000's from many I thought I was onto a good thing. Needs a compressor or tubless inflator to seal. Tyre doesn't need a hookless rim. I just don't understand how it could have come off if rim & tyre are in spec.

Lots of road rash, trashed kit, cracked frame and smashed levers etc. Wheel actually looks like it might survive despite the fact I was just rolling on the carbon momentarily (which sounded horrible) before going down. 

Thankfully I didn't take anyone else out, didn't hit the kerb or get collected by a car. I have bike insurance, I have other bikes and after a couple of weeks of healing I'll be hopefully ok to ride. But it could have been very different.

So far some have just blamed the fact it's tubeless. If any one has any constructive thoughts beyond this I'd love to hear them.  My take is that this is a rim/tyre design or manufacturing failure and I should take it up with the manufacturers. 

However the fact that Specialized has abandoned tubeless on the SL7 is not lost on me.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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