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Tubeless tire blisters

I've been running Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST wheels with a Mavic Yksium Pro front tire and a Mavic Yksium Pro UST on the rear.  During the summer I noticed what looked like a blister (about the size of a 5p) on the front tire just off the centre line.  Tire was pumped up but you could still press the blister down.  I thought it might just be due to the sun in the room where I store the bike.  Checked the bike today and noticed I have three new blisters on the rear tire since my ride on Sunday.  

Are these tire defects and need replacing or just insufficient sealant?  

I use Hutchinson sealant (like the applicator) and top up quarterly.  I'm 80 Kg and run the tires at 80psi on the road and 100psi on rollers.  I've tried Hutchinson Fusion 5 tires and they're easy to get on the rims, but don't hold the air for long and Conti's (but couldn't get them on!).  The original front Yksion has done 4000 miles and the rear UST half that.  Any help appreciated.  

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