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Tubeless Woes

So I thought I'd build up a gravel bike and try out tubeless tyres and discs.  It's not going well!

I have Hope twenty five wheels to which I'm fitting Conti Terraspeed tyres.  I wrapped with the provided tubeless tape and installed the provided valves - no dice.  Tyres inflate and seat (one with just a track pump) then lose air even after sealant (Stans) was installed.

So, I re-wrapped with Stans tape, pulled super tight to get a good seal on the rim.  Again, no dice, air loss sounded like it was around the valves this time.  Installed new Effeto Mariposa tubeless valves,  these seem to have sealed but now the air loss seems to be around the bead, again even after putting in sealant.  Tyres still inflate and seat relatively easily (CO2 in one but track pump for the other) but deflate after a couple of hours.

I'm now out for rim tape, valves, sealant and two inner tubes (putting those in was refreshingly simple) so reluctant to try again - what am I doing wrong??!!

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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