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What we knew already.

Like it or not the DM had an interesting article online regarding the connection of dark personality traits and phone use while driving. I’ve put a few bullet points below in an attempt to summarise. There’s also an actual longer study though that focuses more on the affects of PSU and various connecting traits.

The ‘Dark Triad’ personality traits - Psychopathy; Narcissm; Maciavellianism.

*989 drivers were tested for for the dark triad traits and 61% admitted to phone use when driving.

*High scoring in these traits revealed increased phone use.

*Drivers with psychopathy and narcissism less likely to feel guilty about problematic driving behaviour.

*Drivers with Maciavellianism try to hide their phone usage.

Study also highlighted 50% participants suffer from PSU (problematic smartphone use).

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chrisonabike | 4 days ago

Doesn't almost everyone suffer from PSU these days? I'm typing this on a phone...

giff77 replied to chrisonabike | 4 days ago

I'm using my phone too right now. When I drive or cycle it is on silent and in a pocket or the glove box. My smartphone use is pretty much not problematic. Maybe I'm one of the few who can discipline myself. 

The article makes sense especially looking back on  interactions with people who see no wrong in checking their phone while stopped at the lights. I now feel quite justified in calling them a  psycho or narcistic sociopath under my breath 😄

chrisonabike replied to giff77 | 4 days ago

Nothing worse than going for a ride and getting interrupted by a phone call!

The very rare occasions I drive it's on silent or off.  Cycling ... bit like walking, I tend to leave it on - then it's "do I stop and answer or just ignore it?"  It'd be nicer to switch it off actually.

Simon E replied to chrisonabike | 3 days ago

chrisonabike wrote:

It'd be nicer to switch it off actually.

Everyone should try doing that a bit more often, not just drivers.

Oldfatgit replied to chrisonabike | 3 days ago

While im riding, my phone is linked to my Garmin, and the head unit tells me the name of the caller (if its in my address book), anyone other than my wife and kids gets ignored.
If its important, they'll either ring straight back [which depending on the name depends on of they get an answer] or leave a voicemail.

My hearing aids are Bluetooth and I can accept calls and use them as handsfree if I wish.
I tend not to wish....

If I'm driving, the phone gets ignored.

I'm still of the ancient mindset that the phone is for the convince of the receiver and not the caller.

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