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Kask extend partnership with Team Sky for another three years

Team Sky will race in Kask helmets up until 2016

Team Sky has announced an extended three year partnership with helmet manufacturer Kask, the company that has been supplying the team with helmets since they first arrived in the pro peloton in 2010.

Kask is rightly proud of Team Sky's achievements, and has produced the little infographic below showing how many victories they had in the four years they've been sponsoring the squad.

In the four years together, Kask has released several new helmets, which have been developed with the team. The demands of Team Sky are famously very high, every stone turned over in the quest for as many marginal gains they can lay their hands on, and it does appear Kask have been able to meet these targets.

Angelo Gotti, CEO of KASK, describes the partnership as more of a collaboration: “I like to use the word ‘collaboration’ because for four years that’s what we have done with the whole team, from the technical staff to the riders: we work together to ensure innovation and professionalism with a team that always maintains its own distinct identity.

“Ensuring safety and protection to every single rider is a big responsibility, and we are very proud that from day one Team Sky has assigned this important task to us – and will continue to do so in the coming years,” continues Gotti.

The most recent addition, and one that most of the squad are wearing this season, is the Infinity vented aero helmet. A sliding central vent allows the rider to adjust how much ventilation they need for any given conditions. It'll be interesting to see what more Kask might have up their sleeves in the next years of their partnership with Sky. 

Commenting on the announcement, Carsten Jeppesen, Team Sky’s Head of Technical Operations said: “KASK has been with Team Sky from the start and we have enjoyed working with them over the years to develop and manufacture world class helmets. The safety of our riders is paramount, and with KASK we have the confidence that our riders can perform both at their best and safely.

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