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Exclusive Sneak peek: First complete bike shots of new Verenti bikes - now with video

First look pics of the Verenti Rhigos, Millook and Kilmeston

We were down in Portsmouth on Friday to have a look at the new Verenti bikes in the flesh. There's three frames: the lugged carbon Rhigos, which we showed you pics of earlier in the week; The Millook, a Superlight alloy front end mated with the same Carbon rear as the Rhigos; and the Kilmeston, an Aluminium training/entry level sportive bike that comes with a Carbon fork and full mudguards.

The range starts at £850, but once the new SRAM groupset – more on that when we have it – hits these shores there'll be a £700 version of the Kilmeston too, and a sub £1k Millook, which currently sports SRAM Rival running gear.

We'll post a full story here when we've written up our hastily-scribbled notes, but in the meantime we thought you'd like to look at the bikes. So here they are! Check out the curved down tube on the Rhigos, and the little decals that are maps to the three climbs from Wiggle HQ...

See the bikes at the Mountain Mayhem Sportive, Sunday 20 June

You'll be able to see the Verenti bikes – and meet up with the crew – at the new Mountain Mayhem Sportive. Click here for more...

Dave is a founding father of, having previously worked on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike magazines back in the day. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats.

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Danilo | 14 years ago

Thanks a lot for this info! This must be a big secret, since a google search on SRAM Apex returned nothing. And this groupset should be a huge success, especially on OEM levels. I just hope it can keep the SRAM tradition of lighter weight than the competition (Tiagra...) and good reliability. I'm sure it will be a hit here in Brazil and in others emerging markets, too...  4

Tony Farrelly | 14 years ago

Not so sure I agree with you there Neil, thousands of bike fans do the Dragon ride and slog up the Rhigos - so there a connection. The Millook is a legendary climb in Cornwall and, Kilmeston is a village on a training loop. I've got no problem with a British designed range of bikes celebrating places of significance to the riders that designed them - I like it. Anyway it's not as if those decals are in your face + it's got to be said that all Wiggle's dhb clothing is named after villages near their HQ and they don't seem to have had any problems selling that  1

Danilo | 14 years ago

New SRAM groupset? Tiagra level? Please, tell us more!
Any pics?  1

P.S.: Love the website!

dave atkinson replied to Danilo | 14 years ago
Danilo wrote:

New SRAM groupset? Tiagra level? Please, tell us more!!

Can't tell you much cause we don't know much... it's called Apex, and we haven't seen it yet, but yes - Tiagra level

neilwheel | 14 years ago

Decal overload IMHO.

Having to explain what the obscure map reference numbers mean might be enjoyable the first or second time, but by the 20th asking, you'll be wanting to get out the black bingo marker.

What emotional attachment will a bike fan living in Buxton, Boston or Brisbane have with the Portsmouth area?
I know the whole 'Galibier/Tourmalet/Mortirolo/Milano' model name thing has been done to death, but at least they're names most bike buyers can relate to with some sense of romanticism.

Or maybe not...

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