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Gloucestershire police appeal for witnesses after cyclist death

Multiple vehicles involved in crash that killed 43-year-old

Gloucestershire Constabulary are appealing for witnesses following a fatal road traffic collision on the Golden Valley Bypass near Junction 11 of the M5. The incident happened at around 10.00pm on 12th January 2015.

The incident  involved a pedal cyclist, a lorry and several cars travelling towards Gloucester. The cyclist, a 43 year old man from Gloucester, was pronounced dead at the scene. No one else was injured.

The Coroner and next of kin have been informed.

Police would like to hear from anyone, whose details have not already been taken, who witnessed the collision or who has any further information.

Please call 101 quoting Incident No 399 of 12 January 2015

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Paul J | 9 years ago

It's bizarre that it is illegal to cycle on a motorway, but legal to cycle on much more dangerous 70 mph A-road dual-carriageways.

Airzound | 9 years ago

OMG that's a motorway in everything but name! How come the cyclist was riding along it? I would't ever ride along such a road. It's scary enough driving along such roads as traffic goes so fast.

RIP the unknown cyclist.

mrmo | 9 years ago

I was always under the impression there was a TRO on that road, And of all the roads I know there are two I will not use. The A40 and the A417 where the M5 meets it. The later is I am fairly certain legal, but IMO to use it is as close to suicide as you get.

The old road since they resurfaced it isn't too bad and although adds a mile FAR safer!

Paul_C | 9 years ago

the weather last night was very foul, strong gusty wind and heavy sheeting rain...

Here's the bit where it happened:

and here's what you are supposed to do to deal with this slip road when on a bicycle:
argh... there isn't anything there

Anyway, there used to be no cycling signs at both entrances to this bypass at the roundabouts at each end, but they've vanished some time ago.

The slip road leading to Cheltenham has the remains of the old infra here:

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