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Bikerakk is the latest in cycling street furniture

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it's a bike stand, stupid.....

Here's an idea for any council looking to spend a bit of end-of-financial year cash on cycling – a bike stand that, er, looks like a bike.

The Bikerakk is the brainchild of New Zealand designer Matt Hammond and business partner Duncan Forbes and it has already been installed in Wellington.

Easy to spot and with three lockable loops, the stand is made from a steel frame encased in rubber recycled from four old car tyres. It won't chip the paint from your bike and it has an illuminated brand disc which certainly draws attention (whether that's a good or bad thing is debatable, but there we go).

“It just worked on various levels once I started thinking about it, and what you see now sits well with cyclists, greenies, urban planners, property owners, and people who actually want to see and touch something that is a real sustainable product,” Matt said.

With an eye on the commercial, it's also expected that the Bikerakk might attract the attention of advertisers wishing to plug their wares via the illuminated disc. Bikerakk is now looking for further installation sites throughout New Zealand, and has interest in Australia and the UK.

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chillipepper | 14 years ago

like that, a lot. want one in my garden  1

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